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It was suggested that I give you a shout out as you may know the answer. Does Ambien and Ubiquinol have a cross reaction? After taking I have been waking up very dizzy, vertigo horrible that I cannot function throughout the entire day.

If you can shed any light, greatly appreciate it.

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I'm not Win, but you can ask your pharmacist!

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You should talk to a doctor or a pharmacist, somebody professional
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I mean no offense, FatcatinCT, but I'm not sure why you're not contacting your pharmacist, as suggested by several of us in your other thread.

I'll just repeat, when we talk with our regular pharmacist not only do they have the education and experience, they also know our individual needs, history, allergies, sensitivities, other meds/supplements we might be taking, that sort of thing. And they’re the ones who are there for us if anything goes wrong.

I wish you well.Smile

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in addition to these suggestions, there are several websites that you can click on, enter any number of medications and they will tell you if there are any adverse reactions.

drugs. com has a medication checker. I use that often if the pharmacy is closed. It's better than nothing in a pinch.

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