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@I am still oxox 


I know exactly how you feel.I am exactly the same since I started on BP/ heartfailure  meds. I too am filled with anxiety and sorrow over the recent deaths of my 2 besties.My Dear GD and my little  Soul dog.


These meds have me going every hour on the hour.Day and night. I have to drink a lot of water because I am very  dangerously dehydrated ,but what good is that if I'm in the BR every minute!!!


Now I'm getting cranky!

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Re: Over active bladder

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@MalteseMomma wrote:



"since I started on BP/ heartfailure  meds".


What was/is your heart failure diagnosis, is it CHF?


"I have to drink a lot of water because I am very  dangerously dehydrated".


I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure(CHF) after my 2nd heart attack. A big part of my recovery rehabilitation was limiting my total fluid intake, not drinking more fluids. 


With almost all CHF the problem is the heart overworked because of the body retaining too much fluid, not dehydration.








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@I am still oxox   Praying for you.  Catherization during hospitalization can bring this on.  


I was getting repeated bladder infections after a surgery so I limited sweets (eliminated entirely for a while to correct Ph balance) and started taking Heinz apple cider vinegar diluted in water at frequent intervals and it cleared it up within a day, or two, the most.  The vinegar helps restore the body's chemical balance.


But do keep in touch with your. physician about this.



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Re: Over active bladder

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This is going to sound weird, but when my pelvic bone  tilts forward, it makes me have to pee all the time. I lay on my stomach with a roll or pillow under my hips and relax. I also go to the chiropractor for this. My bladder tilts forward anyway and I have to make sure I empty it well. The squatty potty gets my knees up and pelvis titled so the bladder empties, and also works for BMs.  I get up twice a night and don't drink much water past 7 pm. One can have problems with the nerves going down our spines that affect the bladder. And some foods can irritate the bladder, like chocolate, for some people. Lastly, lack of estrogen can affect the bladder after menopause. 

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Emotional Update


I went to my second urologist on Thursday and I am taking Oxybution since Thursday. Thursday night was not bad but after 5 am I still get up every 15 to pee.
I had hip replacement surgery due to a fall on October
I think this is anxiety at work and It started in the hospital where I needed to call for a nurse every time I needed to go and there was often a wait,
I am kind of putting 2 and 2 together. I think that realizing this and talking about it will make it not as bad if that makes any sense. My bed is about 15 steps from the bathroom so there is no issue, just typing this makes me feel safer and gives me a sense of well being This is a note I just sent to me therapist


Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive what could go right.