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OTC Hearing Aids!!!

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Just weeks after the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a landmark ruling that enabled hearing aids to be sold without a prescription, millions of Americans can now receive the devices for a fraction of their former cost at major stores and pharmacies.


The agency’s new rule, issued in August, established a category of over-the-counter hearing aids that do not require a medical exam or a visit to an audiologist for adults with mild to moderate hearing impairment. Federal officials said the action could save individuals up to $3,000 per pair of hearing aids.


“Finally, Americans can access these critical devices without a prescription, for thousands of dollars less than they previously cost.”


Hearing loss is associated with greater levels of depression and cognitive decline, especially in older adults, according to studies. Research has also found connections between hearing issues and poor social-emotional health, anxiety and social isolation.


The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders said nearly 30 million adults in the U.S. could benefit from hearing aid use. Between two to three of every 1,000 children in the country are born with detectable levels of hearing loss in at least one ear.


By allowing devices to be sold online and at retail stores, market competition increases and prices are subsequently driven down. The cost decrease opens up availability for more people to benefit from hearing aids.






*To read the full details about this please put the title in your search bar to pull up a reputable news source of your choice.  I'm sorry the link I added here from CNN with the story on this program and all it entails was removed by a mod.  Not sure why, but (maybe it had ads in it.*)

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This is very positive news. I can think if many things that should be OTC! (Birth control pills, "prescriotion " cat food, emergency asthma inhaler, hormone pills, eye glasses, etc).

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Hearing aid dispensers have been taking shameful advantage of seniors for years.  They're getting what they deserve, affordable competition.  Goodbye Miracle Ear, etc.

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That is such good news.  My husband had 5 sets of hearing aids before another doctor we saw for 2nd opinion told us that hearing aids did not help him, that he had no hearing and hearing aids only amplifies hearing you already have.  I had no idea he had no hearing.  The first ENT we saw was in the hearing aid business as well.  So it was a profit motive for him to keep leading us to the hearing aid store.  We spent tens of thousands of dollars on unneeded hearing aids.

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This is great news, me and hubby were tested a few years ago and we were both borderline, I would love to hear my granddaughters when they talk to me from another room I hate having to tell them I can't hear you......

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I have gotten excellent hearing aids from Costco all these years but I am SO HAPPY about this.


I know it will be a major help to many many people.


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I have never understood why Medicare doesn't cover hearing aids or prescription eyeglasses. They also don't cover prescription compression socks, that are extremely expensive, medically necessay, and must be worn 16 hrs a day.

it is almost important to know how hearing aids work and what types of hearing problems they can and can't help. i hope anyone who wants to purchase the OTC ones will first see an audiologist or ear doctor to find out if these will benefit them. I saw on tv that you can have your heaing tested via your smartphone with an app...but call me skeptical.

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Thank you to OP for making us aware of this.  How refreshing to get a little bit of good news.

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What a despicable thing for the Dr to do.

That's more than shameful.

Sorry you got caught in his greedy sham.

Sue in small claims court?

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@maximillian you're welcome.  It saves $$$ which many people in our country need to do right now.


@Trailrun23 if you read the article I inserted it did state that you should first see an audiologist and get a prescription.  Just keep yourself apprised of what's taking place with this new program to learn what it all entails.  

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