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DH has seen one for the past few times in and no problems at all.

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Good luck @sxmgirl.  I think if you can find one, you'll be very happy.  I have never had a NP that I wasn't happy with.  Wish I could say that about every MD I've ever used Smiley Frustrated 

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As a nursing student I admit I am biased. However, it has been my experience that because NPs are trained according to the nursing model of care, they are more patient-centered and spend more time listening and talking to clients.

NPs specialize similar to MDs so you need to determine whether you want a generalist (family practice), someone who specifically deals with an older client, or another specialty. Depending on state laws which vary, an NP may practice in conjunction with an MD or totally independently.
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I see a cardiologist, and at times his NP.  She is great, but I prefer seeing the doctor.  She has said that she would have to run things (changes in meds and exercise) past the doctor...which is fine...but I guess I would rather just see the doctor.  The office call costs the same for seeing either one of them.

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I have seen NP’s in the past & they were very good but, I if I am taking the time to go to my doctors office I rather see a full fledged doctor to take care of me 🙃

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I’ve seen mine for several years now, and I love her. She was a comfort to go back to after having a bad dr experience ( had to see a specialist) and I’ve always been able to talk to her about anything !

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I switched to a NP when my GP retired.  I found her to be much more "on top" of things than he was on his best day.  


She's up to date on medications, listens better and make sure we get the results we're after.  She's thorough and follows through.


I've also worked with nurse practitioners over the years and by and large, they seem dedicated, and extremely capable.


As an aside, our niece's daughter is training in the field and will soon graduate.  We're proud of her and her ambition.

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My husband and I now go to a DNP, doctor nurse practitioner.  We love her!  I had a stroke in August, 2017. My regular GP who I had gone to for years never checked on me one time while I was in the hospital.  Our NP, who goes to church with us, was in constant contact with my husband while all my testing was being done.  That was all the nudge I needed to make the switch.  No regrets!  

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@nbct, I am new to this NP thing and have never heard of a DNP but will look for one.  To everyone who has responded, thank you so much.  Lots of research ahead of me.  Maybe I can get through a week without some sort of injury and will have plenty of time for researching.

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I use them quite often.  Given the expansion of healthcare, more and more are being hired in order to provide care because of various factors such as insuffcient numbers of general practitioners or doctors that don't want to locate to small towns or rural areas..  I agree with everyone that many are knowledgeable, caring, and patient. As with any profession, there are exceptions.  I, too, am biased as my sister has been a nurse practitioner for about twenty years.