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You’re only “fairly sure” you won’t see her again????


There are a gazillion doctors on every street corner. No way would I go back to that doctor. 

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Not every doctor will be in your insurance network and not every doctor in your insurance network will take new patients.


In some areas, it's not that easy to find a new doctor.

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@VaBelle35 wrote:

Not every doctor will be in your insurance network and not every doctor in your insurance network will take new patients.


In some areas, it's not that easy to find a new doctor.



In my area, there is a shortage of primary care physicians. It took me months to find a new one. Most searches within my insurance network only returned PA's and NP's when I filtered for those accepting new patients. 

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I fully realize that every human can make mistakes, but unfortunately a mistake by a doctor can at worst be catastrophic for the patient.  You thought it was one thing and she was positive it was something else..... the fact that she didn't prescribe meds for the yeast infection just to see if there was fast improvement AND THEN address what she thought it was, bothers me the most.  She needs to hear that her diagnosis was wrong and that it was indeed the yeast infection you thought it was and you had to go to a specialist in order to get care.   That would be the only reason I would go back to her.   And I would address this calmly to let her know and already have the name & number of another doctor you've already researched.     

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@Q4U, that is exactly what I am doing, and I already do have the new doctor already lined up.  Thanks.

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Find a new doctor!  I know it's hard, but if you can, do it!  We were with our PCP for at least 18 years.  He missed THREE major diagnoses on me.  The last one was hyperparathyroidism.  I questioned him about my high blood calcium, and he blew me off.


I've interviewed several doctors, over the years, knowing that I needed to change.  I found a new doctor last year and am pretty pleased.  And he understands me, and what I've been through for 20 years....basically diagnosing myself and finding specialists to confirm my suspicions.  


He just wanted to write everything off to "anxiety."  Well, I'll tell you what!  When you have thyroid disease, it causes ANXIETY.  


After my last appointment two years ago, I never saw him or said another word to him.  My husband went for his last physical with him, last summer, just so he could update him on what he missed with me.  He actually asked my husband if I still worked for the law firm where I used to be employed!  Never even asked how I was!

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No I do not ! I am having problems with our CNP and I just found out that she was only a CNP about 2 weeks when we were starting to see her, and she is always scaring me with mistakes I caught her doing. Now she is giving me alot of problems, but now I am afraid to trust anyone to take care of us.I told my husband while in tears today, stop going to the Doctor and possibly die, or go and she will kill us.I had a Doctor years ago that told me to not let Doctors mess with you or they will kill you.And she is always pushing tests, tests, tests. I want to feel like I am alive and not trying to always find out if I am going to have something that could kill me.Soo! Scared !

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Have you filed a formal with your state's medical board?  Sounds like your DR really didn't care to make an appropriate diagnosis.  That's a dangerous doc.  I had a serious problem with a doc years ago and filed a complaint.  What I didn't know was that I wasn't the only one.  My case was one of many that was reviewed and his license was revoked.