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Where do you buy your meds

Levemir. novalog. and humilog

it adding up to 600.00 per month anybody get theirs out of the country??


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I'm also in the donut hole already, it's just a disgrace how easy it is to get in there but how nearly impossible it is to get out.  I use an AARP Prescription plan and I mail order through OptimumRX.  It's the least expense I found.  


Does your prescription plan have a mail away service?  If so, call and ask them what their costs are for your meds.

Good luck.

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My DH is in the donut hole, too.  His meds are so expensive.  I just don't understand why this has to happen in this day and age.

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I do know someone who ordered from Canada because she made 2 dollars more than the allowed income for a Rx subsidy. She had a choice of an Asian-made generic or a Canadian generic, which was more expensive but she saved a lot. All she could do. 

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Re: Medicare donnut hole

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I know that the Medicare Donut hole is still there but my understanding is that the ObamaCare legislation, which Congress passed, is phasing the donut hole out over time but I don't know what the timeframe is. 


I recently did a very quick internet search to verify this info and I think what I said above is accurate. Does anyone have any more specific information about this? I'm particularly curious because I have two elderly parents and earlier this year one of them was put on a medication which was $500/month. Fortunately it was only needed for a month (and the first month was free). 


Thanks, in advance. 


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I'm sorry i don't know the name of the site, but when there was a shortage of Armour Thyroid a pharmacist recommended a Canadian pharmacy to a relative. Know that's no help but at least you know there are some legit Canadian websites. Maybe someone else has used one. It was much cheaper too. Good luck.
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When I have to pay I use GOOD RX ap on my IPhone. I just paid $132 for a drug listed for $300. Give it a try.

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I've never heard mention of a Canadian pharmacy that wasn't legit. Canada is not a Third World Country. They are just as likely to serve you well as any US pharmacy, perhaps more so since they're accustomed to doing mail order business
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does anyone know the name of a Canadian Phamacy??