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For anyone considering enrolling in a medical alert system, DO NOT CONSIDER MEDICAL GUARDIAN.


I used them for over a year, during which time the alarm alert kept going off in the middle of the night.  I kept calling to report the glitch and each time a new person offered a new and different new answer/ solution, none of which worked.  So I finally canceled.  I had prepaid for the year and had to eat the remaining charge, but I didn't care, I just wanted to be rid of them.


They sent me a cancel service letter which I signed and returned.  And, wouldn't you know it, they auto charged my AMEX account almost $500 for the annual renewal.  Fortunately, although I am a senior, I still monitor all cc charges very carefully.  I say this because much of the Medical Guardian customer base may not regularly do so and spend a significant amount of time initiating a charge dispute.  

Although a medical alert system is a good idea, it is expensive and the people who should be knowledgeable about the technology/equipment are not properly trained.  Plus it is very easy to dupe the customers they are working with.  I AM NOT being judgmental about seniors and technology, but only want to offer words of caution.

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Call your credit card and dispute that charge!


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Yes, I spent 45 minutes on the phone with AMEX and they will dispute, no problem. Even after I called the company after that they stood by their 30 day policy to "investigate".  More stalling so they could float the money from my AMEX card.  They got on my last nerve. 

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I hope you also had your credit card company dispute the charges from the current year.


Also, notify a few agencies, e.g., Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commision, your state's attorney general, etc.   ( Google other agencies that involve seniors )


After the third time that alarm went off in the middle of the night, I would have terminated the contract and instigated disputes.   Life is too short to be put through what must have been a scary recurring experience such as that.

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@Barkanyc   I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you.  I'm glad you went over your cc statement though.  I'd do as another poster suggested and even dispute the previous years charges!  Another example of how businesses try to take advantage of seniors!  😡 

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Must be so disappointing to have a safeguard fail.  Hope the CC does the right thing by you.


I know, I know...for not much more money, have you considered an iPhone and an Apple Watch?


both can be enabled with WiFi calling as well as cell service


can wear the watch to bed


both have emergency call 


both will ALSO notify your emergency contacts when you call 911


both will give your location


I am sure I can still find a way to slip thru the safety net, but  it is very reassuring to have.


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Good thing you are on top of things. Sounds like they take advantage of people.

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Re: Medical Alert System

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Thanks for the heads-up @Barkanyc ! At some point, I will need to get one of these for my elderly Mom living alone, who is completely no-tech, and who refuses to move near me... 

I hope this works out in your favor with no more aggravation- 

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To Skyegirl121 you might also want to stay away from Life Alert. I know they have a huge presence on TV ads.  I had them for my then 90 year old mother. Had to sign a 3 year contract and even after she was admitted to Comfort Care and no longer home they put me thru hell trying to terminate the last year of the contract.   I had a tough time navigating her end of life days, I did not need this hanging over my head. They don't tell you that on TV.  Good luck in selecting a system. They go from worse to worst!  This is an industry which needs to be montiored and regulated. We have Commissioners for every conceivable business entities, why not this one!