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Re: Magnesium Glycinate-what brand do you take?

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@hckynutjohn  Thank you for your response.  I look at supplements the way you do.  Don't take anything unless my Dr says I'm deficient..  I don't want to waste money or potential cause an issue with too much of anything.

The problem with this is that most docs unless also trained in Homeopathic Med dont know squat about supplements or vitamins, you know more than they do by doing your own research. I read Dr Andrew Weil a lot online, he is trained in both. 






Since my name is mentioned here I thought I would respond. Because my doctor prescribes a supplement does not automatically mean I do not do my own research. That along with knowing my body and understanding my own blood readings.


Generalization of doctors knowledge, or lack of, is not how I look at any part of the Medical Profession. Like every other profession, some individuals are better at certain things than others. 


I have said on this forum from my get go here, that each person should be the best advocate for themselves. You, I know, have always been exactly that. Not only for yourself, but your family and many others, including on this forum.


My way of looking at any professional, especially in the medical field? Statements like "X doesn't know squat", would be a bit too far for even me to make. Lacking the knowledge of a High Level Nutritionist, to me does not mean they know zip.


Homeopathic Medicine for some seems to be the End all Be all. I do not subscribe to those type of values. Anything, in addition to traditional medical practice, can be a good thing, for some. And for others that bypass the traditional for Homeopathic, might be doing it at their own peril.


Nothing replaces a person being able to read their own body, and understand what it is telling them, at any specific time. I can address them personally, the how and why, I have been able to overcome illnesses that kill thousands every day. Early recognition is the key in most life/death experiences, and that goes directly back to knowing and understanding what ones body is telling them.


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Re: Magnesium Glycinate-what brand do you take?

@hckynutjohn  I'd be the first one to condemn many doctors and surgeons given personal experiences of mine and my husband's, however, I agree with what you stated above.