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I have some melatonin on order through Amazon but was reading reviews on Facebook, many people saying they have night terrors and horrifying dreams. Has anyone experienced this? People are saying very vivid dreams of being chased or possibly some are saying of their younger days.

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<p><font size="3">I take melatonin on occasion and have never experienced bad dreams from it,&nbsp;&nbsp;</font></p>
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All I know is that it is suppose to be a sleep aid. I have never needed anything to get to sleep. Working Graveyard Shift? Needed a lot of coffee to keep me awake at times. Some of my co-workers took NoDoz, I just wasn't into the pill thing.


Dreams are strange things, but I have very few. And of those, most I can't remember much.




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I'm someone who cannot take Melatonin because I have terrible nightmares.  However, my husband can take it without any problems.  The difference is that I almost always remember my dreams in the morning and he never does.  I think that if you are someone who already has vivid dreams, it might give you nightmares.  If you are someone who doesn't usually remember your dreams, it might work for you.


Good luck!  I'm a terrible sleeper and I really wish I could use it.  It helps my husband a lot with staying asleep.

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I've tried it and it didn't do a thing for me, however, I read it should be taken on a regular basis to be effective. 

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melatonin works well for me. i have problems falling asleep sometimes, but not staying asleep. i take 3mg of melatonin about an hour before i want to be asleep and it gives me that nice "falling asleep" feeling. i dont wake up groggy and get a nice 8 hours of solid sleep.


no terrible dreams or any other side effects other than sometimes a dry mouth. i always have a bottled water next to my bed.


i use it maybe twice a week, as needed.

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I took Melatonin once. The night before I got married. I will only say do not take something new at that time. Turns out I was allergic. Did not think much of it when my siblings suggested it. Some of them came from other time zones and took it to get some sleep. 
Melatonin is a hormone. So perhaps you might want to ask your doctor about it. 


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For many years I've taken 5 mg melatonin with 5 mg of zolpidem (generic for ambien). My sleep problems occured during my husband's second and terminal cancer and persisted thereafter.


My doc monitors my meds and this is the only way I can get any sleep at all.


I get my melatonin from Costco and it's fine.

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It gave me a headache.


I use the Kirkland SleepAid from Costco, works great!

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I have used melatonin for years so I don't awaken when DH and the dog snores.  🐕