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No, and I have it in a soup with mushrooms and beefbroth almost daily.

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I use to never eat kale.... until I bought the celophane bags of the fresh cut up.... I put it into my food processor and chop it up finer. Then I refrigerate it and add it to my salads, soups whatever. I also give it to my birds and my wonderful golden retriever. I eat it everyday now!  The rewards I am not sure of but I sure am healthy and have glowing skin.

Of course I also eat a very healthy diet low in sugar and simple carbs.... just lots of fish and vegetables mostly. occasionally some quinioa.  I do not think any one food is a miracle food... it is all based on your lifestyle and overall daily activities. I also drink a very green protein shake( I add a complete green powder to it) once a day made with almond milk and I add whey protein to it and  flax and chia meal.

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With so many good tasting veggies out there, I can go the rest of my life without kale.

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I have tried kale in the past and hated the bitter taste. I had it in a five star restaurant with a very nice vinagerette dressing and it still tasted terrible to me. No kale for me....

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I often add kale to quinoa. Can't say that I've found it to be miraculous, but I do know it's good for me. I was talking about it to one of my yoga teachers and she said she can't eat kale because it makes her too gassy (and that wouldn't work well in yoga class).

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The person who taught my diabetes class said to cut up kale and roast it in the oven with olive oil on it then eat it like chips. OMG it was AWFUL. I do cut it up and out it in salads with a lot of other things and in soups.

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I must be the odd man out because I love kale.  It's my favorite green.  I eat kale salads, kale chips, kale in soup, stir-fried kale in olive oil.  Yum.  

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I like kale 

I prefer baby kale because the taste is not as overpowering

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I buy Organic green mixture from Walmart in which baby Kale is just one of many greens in the container.  I put a huge handful into my nutra bullet and add other items to create green smoothies just before dinner. In the morning I use other vegetables for my morning smoothie.  These greens have many vitamins and minerals which I woudn't ordinaraly get if I ate them as a salad (couldn't stomach eating them)   In the smoothie I enjoy the taste and since we have been drinking them are feeling so much better and have more energy all day long and into the evening.  DH is even enjoying them.  

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@Desert Di - I liked your 'lie'! 

Really posters, the taste is just too much for me.  I will go another route with the veggies but those who have been claiming it's good for this or that, well, maybe it is and maybe I just don't see it. 

If it were the magic veggi - for instant lovliness/beauty, weight loss/ energy, then of course many would hold their breath and swallow.  Glad it isn't. 

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