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I had a tooth pulled, piece of cake !!!


I agree if you have an emergency such as you do, your dentist should take you no matter what, making you wait several days , he is torturing you for no reason. 

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@sherrikay wrote:

Just called my dentist,and can't get in until monday.if pain stays tolerable,I think I can manage til then.when er checked my tooth area,they saw no absess,assess, is a good thing.i truly appreciate everyone's feed back

@sherrikay The ER can't see if there is an abscess unless they take a dental X-ray. You might have one. Did you tell your dentist you are in pain? I am surprised they are not taking you in if you did. 

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Hope you are feeling better.  The antibiotic should help.  I have had teeth extracted because of a broken tooth & I don't feel like it was any big deal.


I didn't need any pain meds.  Just took an Ibuprofen for the first day.  Sending you healing hugs.