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@Zhills wrote:

There are several "causes" of outer thigh pain and they all hurt in the same place!


My Doctor said ITBS, PT said "no way."  Bursitis?


Very difficult to diagnose.  Even more difficult to treat!


Relief is the answer....lidocaine patch or copper sleeve works for me.

@Zhills   I saw lidocaine patches sold at Costco last visit.  Plan to buy some next time I am there...

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It's obvious that we look at these things differently, and for differing reasons. I won't go into another long novel here. I will just say this.


Some look only for relief, others look for source causes, and eliminating them when possible. Relief really feels good, to me function is more important.


If relief means not doing certain things, I will choose source remedies every time. Functionality over only relief will always be my preference. A life of being pain free! Not many live that dream.


Please forgo child birth and being an athlete out if this. I can't be both, but many women have.


hckynut  🇺🇸

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@hckynutjohn  John, you are priceless and your opinions are always welcome...agreeing or disagreeing!


I, too, am 80+ and mostly pain free and pain pill free!


Hope you have many more wonderful years!