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OK, can I just tell you this is what I THOUGHT I had. I kept telling all of my Drs I was sweating to death. They were like, "Yes, you are". I kept saying, "I think it's my thyroid". Yet all of my blood results were the very bottom of normal.

I made an appointment with an Endocronlogist. He ran the right bloodwork, did a thyroid scan and well, next month I will have it removed.

Due to my follow through, my youngest daughter had 1/2 of her's removed (she had growing inside of her throat and sinus cavity a mass the size of an orange). She had no other symptoms.

My other daughter has thyroid problems.

My surgeon said that at least 38 percent of females have thyroid problems.

Get your thyroid checked out. Go to a Dr that specializes in thyroids. I kept getting brushed off by other Drs.

Please don't suffer with this if it is something else.

The Endocrine system works together with other parts of your body.

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I take medication for chronic pain and several of these cause sweating. You should look up all your medication to see if this is a side effect. I'll bet this is at least a partial reason.

I also see a Mayo endocrinologist and she did an in-depth thyroid study rather than just the normal ones. My cancer treatment did a number on my adrenal system, causing insufficiency. The adrenal system controls the thyroid (and a bunch of other things) and I now take medication for hypothyroidism.

What really helped me is to only use 100% cotton sheets & blanket. I don't sleep under a comforter because of unnatural material. I only sleep in 100% pjs. I also found moving air to be a help. I use a ceiling fan on low counterclockwise when warm, clockwise when cool weather.