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Hi ladies, was off the computer for a minute so to answer - I preferred Positive Passage.

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I hear about Black Cohosh from everyone around!


I didn't go through the "BIG M" because I had a full hysterectomy in 2010.  


Now, I am off of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) by 6 mos and I'm fine.

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@SurferWife ~


I sadly do not have a cure for you, but perhaps a story that might make you giggle.  I went through this at 42 years old.


My flashes were relentless.  Thankfully my office was one door down from the huge walk in freezer.  Most anyone could find me walking around in there throughout the day.  I always got a big wave from one of the cooks as they walked by the window of the freezer door.  


I could be having a conversation with my co-worker, and he was used to me saying "Hold That Thought", and off I would go to the freezer...I could hear him laughing all the way to the freezer!  


Living in Minnesota helped to, at least when it was winter time.  Out the door minus a coat as I went to sit on the front steps.  Smiley Very Happy


Hope you find something to help!  Heart


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I keep telling my husband I need an ice bath!  I think this hot summer is adding to the intensity.  During the winter months (well, I should say cooler; we don't really have winter in Hawaii), they almost disappear.

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Many Spring Valley supplements are mfg in China, it says so right on their labels, I would find a brand made in the USA.  I would think Swanson, Vitacost or Puritans Pride would be fine. 

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I also used a yam-based cream and ate yams when my hot flashes began. They went away ! They were intense and always at night before bed.....I was ready to try anything. My dr was very adamant about not taking any supplements with hormones, etc that were popular at the time and seem to be making a comeback. Excellent book our school nurse gave to teachers...” what your dr doesn’t tell you about menopause or perio menopause “. I forget the exact name but it was life-changing.