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Re: Hip replacement surgery....question..

On 12/12/2014 conniebird said:

Update::: have been doing some stretching exercises & using heat afterwards....made a huge difference. Spoke w/someone at Concord Ortho. & was told that what I'm experiencing is normal. I feel better today after doing some stretching things. My appt. has been moved up, so I'll be relieved when the surgeon talks w/me. Thanks to all who responded....I appreciate it. :-)


Thank you for the update, it is always nice when someone replies to suggestions by contributors on this forum. Most that offer suggestions are truly interested in trying to help everyone with pain issues, and I for one always appreciate those that take the time to update and reply.

Really happy to hear that you are feeling better and also have gotten the appointment with your surgeon moved up. Keep us posted on what he tells you after your visit, if you wish to disclose that information on this very public forum.

My best to you,

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Re: Hip replacement surgery....question..

Update: Saw my surgeon who took an xray & checked the movement of the new hip joint etc. He is very pleased w/my progress. Of course the day that I had the appt. I had no pain at all! When I explained what was bothering me, he didn't seemed concerned. Now I use a cold pack after a bit of stretching & that does the trick. I no longer need my cane & can drive if I want to. Dr. said that I overdid things too soon after my surgery & that explains the feeling that I get. It is so much better now.

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Re: Hip replacement surgery....question..

Connie, it's great that things are ok. Lots of good wishes to you.
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Re: Hip replacement surgery....question..

Hopefully, from the responses you received you have learned a valuable lesson. Call the Dr. first. Even if 50 people responded that it sounds normal, none of us know you or your situation. Medical questions need to be addressed by medical professionals. Glad things are going well and you can enjoy the Holidays.