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I not personally suffer from this but looked up a product called Emuaid cream. Also I believe in Eastern and Western medicine working together. If you have a Eastern Homeopathic store I would call or visit there. Your health and comfort are worth any bother to travel or try different products or special diet. Best wishes.

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I am sending you some caring and healing thoughts.

have many incurable painful conditions- ie 5 pinched nerves in neck that can’t be operate on without very high risk of paralysis.


I, at age 66 have surrendered my pride re mds. I feel for you. Please remember you are not your condition.

Are you taking Pain meds? I hope you are as comfortable as possible and treat yourself well. I deny myself very little, since I have to deal with so much.


Sorry for the typing, neuropathy acting up.





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I’m so sorry. I would make sure you are trying to keep the hair follicles clear , i, e., lots of hot showers, exfoliation (dry and wet) and loose clothing to allow circulation... While I don’t have this condition, I have keratosis pilaris, so I get constant little bumps and pimples all over.  It’s more mild and can’t be compared to hidradenitis.  I send you best wishes that you find a way to manage this-  

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@nana59, please excuse my typing as i recently had a total shoulder replacement and can only peck with 1 hand.  i was diagnosed with this back in the 80's. saw a derm and given cort. injections in each one.  didn't last long and he said i'd need them for a long time. my cousin worked for a plastic surgeon so i made an appt. he said hydrenitis is an infection of the sweat gland and i had surgery to have the glands removed under my arms.  i was off work for about 4 weeks and it was so worth it.  i know the other 2 places vulnerable are the breast area and 'downstairs'.  some times i will get one in that area but it goes away eventually.


i do swaet more in other places but i am so happy i got the surgery.  i also no longer have to wear deodorant nor have any hair growth - just 2 big scars under my arms. 


the surgery was the best thing for me.  i know what you are going through and its miserable.

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Re: Hidradenitis...

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I'm very sorry about your condition @nana59. I don't have it myself but what I'm about to say might sound drastic. Since this has much to do with hair follicles, then I would talk to your derm about laser hair removal or something else to permanently remove the hair follicle. I really can't say for sure but that might be an option for you. The reason why I say this is because I knew a person who did not have this disease but had a condition where he would get severely infected hair follicles for no reason. He eventually had the affected areas removed of hair and now has a more normal life. Good luck to you and I hope you find a good doctor to help you.


eta- Another option would be Botox.

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If you google hidradenitis you will find a wealth of info.There is a hidradenitis foundation, books written re the subject. Home remedies etc. 1-4% of population has the condition, so you are not alone.


Good Luck.

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I've had hidredenitis since my early 20s.  I'm now 73.  It's just something I've learned to live with.  I almost always have a flair-up going on.  Ive had some of the sweat glands removed, but there are so many and it just travels around.  My dermatologist sometimes puts me on antibiotices for 6 weeks at a time and that helps for weveral months, but it never completely goes away.  BUT....this is my only chronic condition and at my age I'm thankful for that small mercy.

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Have you heard about Yin Care?

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I too have this. It began when I was 23. I was not diagnosed until my late 

40’s. I have had over 26 surgical procedures. Some were very invasive. 

I have felt like a freak of nature. 

When I was finally diagnosed I went on a search to find out all I could. 

I was lucky I found an angel of a doctor in San Diego. She started me on a regiment

of kenalog injections, spriolactone, and doxycycline. I also changed how I eat. 

I follow a low glycemic diet. My doctor suggested it as it helped other patients. 

I have had only 1 flare up since seeing her. I traveled from Las Vegas to San Diego

twice a year to see her. 


If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I find it to be a very

isolating disease. It was hard for my family to understand how painful it is. 

If you live near San Diego and would like my doctors name please let me know  


i also belong to a group on Facebook. They also share their stories and information. 

The man who started it wrote a book about it and works hard to help to get more 

research going.