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@Kachina624 wrote:

@Nightowlz.  As I recall, with all of your shingles pain you were unwilling to get the vaccine to prevent a reoccurance.


If I was in agony, I wouldn't be here posting so I assume someone who is, is having at least a so-so day.  No harm in trying to cheer her up.  Or would you rather have doom and gloom?



I'm not talking about vaccines. I'm talking about pain.

My pain was worse at night. I knew when I got up in the morning by night the pain was going to be worse. That's all I could think about.

Vaccines are not a sure deal.

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@Nightowlz.  Your description of your pain at the time made enough of an impression on me that I got the Shingrix vaccine at the first opportunity.  Not even a sore arm with either dose.  I'm at a loss to understand why, after experiencing all that agony, you'd risk doing it again when a simple painless inoculation could prevent it.  It has a very high success rate.

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Are you seeing a pain specialist?  If not, i strongly suggest you do. Other docs are afraid of pain meds and will constantly try to get you off them but once you are seeing pain specialist, the other docs will back off on that. Also, be aware th at if you go off a pain med and then back on, it sometimes doesn't help as much as it did before. Also, consider changing primary care docs. They all have different ideas and you may find one who is more understanding. If you have very low quality of life without pain medicine, why worry about addiction?  I have been on vicodin and even morphine for over 10 years but I was able to taper off okay with no problems. However, my pain got worse again and i went back on Vicodin and they no longer hassle me about it. It's hard enough to deal with the pain as the drugs wear off - I wouldn't want to live uf i had to have that level of pain all the time so i understand your problem. 

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@VancouverUSAgal The OP mentions her pain clinic doctor and has mentioned previously that yes, she is being treated by a pain specialist.

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I just posted in the thread put up awhile back by @smxgirl.  Still interested in reading the "whole story", here or the other post Thanks.




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@GoneButNotForgotten   So sorry about your health issues - I have always had a lot of headaches - sometimes they wake me in the middle of the night - but nothing like the pain it sounds like you are suffering.   I hope you can some relief.