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After having been on HRT for several years 

I quit cold turkey the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The prescription that I take to help prevent reoccurrance, causes killer hot flashes and and other icky side effects that trigger grouchiness . 😩

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I did a very gradual weaning off of HRT.  It probably was a 6 month process (maybe more).  I was fine with few hot flashes, but was really "witchy" without the meds for probably another 6 months or more.

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I've never been on that but times are hard now due to covid and everything is amplified. Can you get another opinion and also remember that spring is coming! Everything will seem lighter. 🤗🌺

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Right when I turned 50, the daytime flashes and night sweats started. The nights flashes were so intense and constant, there was no sleeping. Eventually I started on a HRT patch. I thank goodness for these medications!!  It's worked great for 9 years. Twice I have tried to wean off slowly, but the symptoms come back every time at same intensity. My mom had meno symptoms for 25 years, they never went away. Keep trying Nanny, and I hope it works out for you! 

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I took Premarin for years after a hysterectomy at age 40.  In 2012, I had a horrible fall and developed blood clots, which almost killed me.  I was in the hospital for several days.  They had me stop the Premarin immediately, no weaning off.  I did fine with it and never even had one hot flash.  

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I have been on HRTs for about 30 years and am still taking them. I tried going off them and was miserable: hot flashes frequently during the days and nights.

My family Dr.wanted me off them, but I was uncomfortable with his rec. I went to an ob-gyn and he told me I had probably not lost height ( as had most of the women in my family ) because of the HRTs.

I will continue taking them . Quality of life is important to me. This is just my experience.


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Wow, thanks for the wealth of information. I do feel that maybe other issues may contribute to the grouchiness. The year 2020 was terrible for me and being stuck in the house with DH 24/7 for 14 months has not helped. He is the sweetest person, but does not understand I need time ALONE!!! I don't have any other side effects such as hot flashes or night sweats, so I'll keep on weaning off. Thanks again for your help.

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I had a complete hysterectomy at age 40 (30+ years ago).  They put an HRT patch on my tummy during surgery and I continued to wear HRT patches for a few years.  At some point, I took off a patch and never applied a new one.  My doctor insisted I needed some kind of HRT because it helped prevent some cancers.  So I took Premarin for a couple of years, and quit that too.   I never "weaned" off, just quit.   My doctor disagreed with my decision.


It was a long time ago and my memories are a little fuzzy.  I remember that at some point I had hot flashes, drenching sweats, mood swings, uncontrolled crying, etc., but I got through it.  Finally!

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SIL and dear friend were on HRT for over a decade each...


Both had strokes in their early 60's....


Is it worth the risk?  Not in my book...Ill sleep with the window open and pluck the chin hairs I get... 



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I never stopped taking it. Why stop? I feel great on it, and I don't give into the media hooplah about cancer. I've had genetic testing done and feel pretty secure that it works for me, without worrying about cancer. But then again, I go to a functional medicine Dr. and not a conventional doctor. There's a huge difference.