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@Marky1 wrote:

I use the generic from Sams Club.  I think there are six bottles in the package for around $ 27.00.  I haven't had to purchase it lately so not sure about the price but I know it was the cheapest place at that time.  I have no problems with this generic version at all.

I still miss Sam's Club so much!!Smiley Happy

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Costco carries their own Kirkland version of Flonase; you get 3-4 bottles at a good price. I did use Flonase many years really helped my allergies...but it also gave me cataracts. My ophthalmologist asked me if aI had ever used Flonase and I told him I he said he should check for cataracts. Just FYI. 

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@Respectlife wrote:

I am on the generic equivalent called

Fluticasone Propionate


I have a script for it, I get it at Wegman's pharmacy.  My generics are free.



@Respectlife  @goldensrbest 


Best thing I've ever found for my allergies.



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My husband likes the generic Fluticasone Proprionate from Target. It is over the counter.