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         Dear Ford, 


                 How wonderful it is to have seen your name from a few minutes ago.


I mentioned to my husband weeks ago that


    ".....I had not heard from you, but with me not being here every single day, I assumed I just missed your posts, until now.

  Last month I tried to go back a few times to find you, then heard 'only' one time, 10 days ago, you had posted; that message possibly was to another friend- possibly someone who's on frequently.

Breathing a soft exhale".  


  My thoughts to Lilac Tree, that if you had messaged a 'flare', pain from the rheumatoid arthritis, then I clearly understood  you being absent.

 Sincerely, with a Heart  filled with concern. 

     I have am sending you a hug.

       ~ With great gratitude, I admire you.


   Thank you for such a loving post, for all of us, to understand.

Please, there is no reason to reply, at this time.

 Stay focused as you had been with many different situations. Heart  


   I hope that tonight, maybe tomorrow, you will be reading this; sending comforting thoughts knowing that your daughter(s) are there close by.   


   Certainly have missed you, along with many other cyber friends. 

 Loving admiration always to my oldest known friend, here.

~ NAES. 



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         @LilacTree , Heart

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Hi Ford,


I'm so incredibly sorry to hear that your disease processes have exponentially increased and caused you to phase into a very much more difficult season of life.


My hope, wish and prayers for you will be that there will be some good days for you - days of even slight relief or respite from your pain and disabilities.


It sounds as though you "lost" the entirety of 2019.  If that is so, I pray 2020 will hold a few opportunities for you to spread your wings, if just a bit.


Rebecca ~ XXX

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I am sad to read that you have been unwell but glad that you have posted.  So many here have been concerned about you and miss you.  I have always enjoyed and looked forward to your posts and I just want to send best wishes to you!  Please post whenever you can! 

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin
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@LilacTree ❤️ sending you healing thoughts.  Thanks for checking in.  LM

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I have been wondering how you are also.  I'm sorry your health problems are so chronic.  We miss your posts but understand that it is hard for you.  I'm praying for some good days this week for you.  I remember one day a few years ago, I woke up with a smile on my face.  All of a sudden I realized....I had no pain.  It was the first time in many days that happened as rarely  there was  a day I had no pain.  I'm asking God to give you more days like that.  I have never forgotten it and it is what I hope for you.  

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You folks made me tear up this morning.  Thank you so much for your kind responses.  It means a lot to me.


I will try to participate more often, as I miss you just as much.  My hands and a great deal of fatigue are my worst problems.  My girls are going to get me some iPad acccessories so 
I don't have to hold the iPad in one hand and use the stylus in the other (my right hand is very disfgured).  That should help.


I have tried the voice thing, but it doesn't work because the rheumatoid has affected the joint in my throat which has affected my voice and the words that show up are hilarious, but not readable. LOL


Thank you again.

Formerly Ford1224
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@LilacTree wrote:


I have tried the voice thing, but it doesn't work because the rheumatoid has affected the joint in my throat which has affected my voice and the words that show up are hilarious, but not readable. LOL


Thank you again.


That's too bad. I use voice commands to control Echo devices all over my house and late last month I had such a bad cold and cough that I lost my voice. It's still not quite back to normal and it took me 4 tries to get Alexa to understand me when I tried to get her to put a reminder on my calendar.


"I will remind you to go to apartment tomorrow at 9"




"I will remind you to dock tires apartment tomorrow at 9"




I'm glad your family will be getting you some accessories to help with your iPad. I hope that will make a big difference. It's hard when you feel like you've lost your connection to the world.


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Thank you for putting a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. I was just reading random forums and posts and came across yours and smiled.

Sorry to learn about your concerns but glad to feel the spirit and faith you have, you are an inspiration to everyone with medical issues.

I wish you, and your family a blessed 2020.

Miss you Ford and I would enjoy seeing some of those talk text that come out funny or make no sense with words, reading them would not be that much of a challenge to me, because I am good at nonsense as it all makes logic so unnecessary. I only do reality as a tourist.

You keep smiling, rest, and remember you are the best.

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Sending lucky stars in the Universe to shower you with better health!


Love you.  Heart

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