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Dear @LilacTree, thank you for the update, glad to hear how you're doing.  As you can see, you are dearly missed here!.I'm so sorry for your health challenges, you are a very strong person. Wishing you all good things in the New Year. 

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It was good to see a post from you, but I was sad to see you've been dealing with more health struggles.  Sending good thoughts your way.....hopefully things will improve very soon.  🌷

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Re: From Lilac Tree

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I am so sorry about your health situation. I do hope that your quality of life improves very soon.

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So sorry to hear about your health problems. Sending prayers and my best wishes to you. You are one special lady. 

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Was actually thinking of you last week and wondering why

you hadn't been on the forum.   I am sorry for your pain...i live with it also.....and some years you do just feel that the health/strength go down more then other years......i wish you well.....and just wish there would finally be a cure for it.....

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Glad you checked in. To deteriorate more in six months than in the entire last decade is a lot for a person to handle. I'll always remember you and the wonderful birthday party the girls gave you. 

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@LilacTree wrote:

Sorry I haven't written in so long.  I have been in another rheumatoid flare and it's very difficult to even think straight, let alone write with a stylus.  I don't use my computer anymore as I can no longer type.



I'm sorry you've been in so much pain. If you're having trouble with the stylus and typing, you may want to try Voice to Text features. You will still have to navigate to the forums and start a post with a stylus, which may still not be something you can do some days. But once you open up a text box, you should be able to tape a microphone and have it record what you say.


It's like an old dictaphone, so you need to say include punctuation in your commands:  "I went to the store today period" or "Hello comma Bob period"


It won't get everything right, but sometimes it's easier to edit than to compose from scratch. I use it a lot create notes and reminders or send short texts while I'm driving. I have several disabled friends who rely on voice command tools and software to work.

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@LilacTree @Sorry to hear that you have been having many health problems.Please be strong and get well.I really miss you.I will be praying for your strength to return.

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@LilacTree   Thank you for letting us know. 

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I hope you have some good days. 

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@LilacTree   I'm glad you could post, I know how hard it must be! My best friend has Rueumatoid and does the infusions. Other things don't help. She doesn't write much and I can't hear on the phone so it's hard to communicate! 
   Take care and rest when you can. Prayers for you!🙏🏼😍