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last fri i fell and fractured my right wrist.   my husband always has a habit of leaving the chair out and i told him topush it in an almost fel before.  i was trying to push it in so i could ger by lost my balance and fell.  bruised my knee and fractured mt right wrist.  put in cast for six weeks.  not one for sitting.  always have to do the cooking and cleaniing.  husband very lazy person.  may was so bad.  car was totaled, had to move out for squirrels coming in the house and pooping all over. and then had rectal bleeding.  i suffer frm depression and anxiety.  husband not helful at all and only sceams and shouts at me.  i don't have anyone to help me.  Has anybody

.  i gone through a fractured wrist and how long for healing.  so many problems like how to shower.  i have other serious health problems.  i feel like iam drowning in depression.



linda s.

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@Pasta Lover I am sorry that you have so much to handle right now and are feeling overwhelmed.Do you have e friend or family member close by who could spend a little time with you.It would be good to get out with someone you enjoy for a little break from the home front.

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I have no answers but I feel so sorry for you. I guess you have to do just the basics such as short showers, simple meals and a minimal of housework. If plants need to be watered or laundry baskets carried, your lazy husband will need to help. Certainly he can't expect you to do things that you are physically unable to do. If you are seniors, there might be a council on aging in your county that might be able to get you some assistance with health care.
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@Pasta Lover  (Linda). SO SORRY you broke your wrist.  I understand about husbands not always helping as much as we would like.


Take a deep there someone you could call and have help you? Or at least talk with you? Maybe Take you out for coffee?  I would do this if I could.  


Sending ((hugs)).  ~ SeaMaiden~

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@Pasta Lover  I amsorry that you're goi g through such difficulties.  The wrist may take a while to heal.I


More importantly, is there a family member of friend who can help you?  Certainly you can't be expected to do your normal activities with a cast!  Perhaps your doctor's office could put you in touch with someone to help sort matters out.  Or, maybe your church has someone you could chat with.  


As for showering, most orthopaedic offices have "sleeves" to fit over casts for showering.


Sending you good wishes.

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@grandma r is right.  You can buy a sleeve to cover the cast and they work well.  I bought mine at the pharmacy in my local hospital.  Take the time to heal well or you will suffer more in the long run.  Wishing you a speedy recover.  LM

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Just sending a hug and to let you know I care. My husband is also lazy. I sympathize with you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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You've certainly had a rocky road lately.  Sorry to hear about that.  Yes, I had fractured wrist, it was about 15 years ago.  Slipped an fell on ice on my way to work.  I'm right handed and of course, it would have to be my right wrist.  I was in a cast for 8 weeks and when the cast came off, I had some weakness ...more than expected....that lasted for a couple of weeks.  It was a long time ago but I managed to do what had to be done.  You'll soon find out bow much you can do with one arm when you have to.  Just don't be afraid to as for help when you need it.  This isn't the time to be brave.

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You are not alone. My car has been almost totaled three times and I just spent $500 on a check engine part that I am still waiting to come in and didn't the check engine light go away now.

I broke my left wrist this time two years ago helping my mother with something she knew needed to be done by a professional. It stinks. My best advice is to get Sanicast from Amazon. You'll need it to scratch and keep clean especially in summer time.

Forget the cast sleeve. They are very difficult and I think hurt. Take a bath and use a regular plastic shopping bag to tuck around it. So much easier and free.

I echo asking for help and if you can't do it or no one will help, the world will not end before six weeks is up. It will wait. My yard looked like a jungle. If something bothers someone, they can use their two good arms to take care of it themselves.

Also, I found propping my cast on a pillow helped me especially in bed the first week. Hugs to you. You'll get through this. ♥️
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@Pasta Lover   My dog pulled me down and I broke two bones in my right wrist. I had surgery and plates put in and it was in a hard brace for a month. I couldn’t drive with it unti that was removed and a smaller one out on for another month. Then, much therapy. It is fine now! The surgeon was great. 

    My husband helped me when I had knee surgery, but he died 15 years ago so I must find ways to do things myself. (Friends and my son did drive me some, or I would have had to).

     Put a plastic bag over the brace or cast, tape it and shower. I washed my hair and even cut it with the left hand using right hand scissors. It took time, it’s frustrating but you can do it. 

     I learned to write with my left hand but be careful signing checks and notify your bank that the signature will be different, I had one declined but the bank manager who received it knew I was in a cast!

     YOU can do all of these things, make up your mind to do it. Show your husband that you are strong and don’t let hem verbally abuse you. It will help your depression. 

      Once when my husband was angry and shouting I told him to stop or I will leave right now! I meant it and he stopped. 

      Talk to your husband and tell him not to yell but to please help you,and when it’s his turn you will help him! Maybe he will think about that. 

      Good luck, and be strong things will get better.