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Re: Farewell WW

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I did WW and it didn't work for me.  I remember my mom was on it in the 80's and that program seemed to bring more success.  I think many people need a more definitive and set amount of daily calories and fat and using the point system doesn't control that.


I also think we have moved into a cultural acceptance of obesity to where limiting calories is considered the opposite of "self love" and gets pushback from our society.  Now it's "focus on wellness, weight doesn't matter" when the fact is, you can exercise and work on your mental health but if you are eating too many calories you won't lose weight.


I have had great success with food-tracking apps.  Loseit is a good one as is Myfitnesspal. Both have a food library where you can scan anything with a barcode and the nutritional information is immediately recorded. You can track your exercise, weight and even sleep. Using a food scale also helps control portions. Good luck to you.

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Whether a weight loss program has you counting points, or you're on an Atkin's style diet, or cabbage soup, etc.,  They all amount to lowering calories. When you think about it, there's nothing ground breaking about these programs. Some will just find one easier to follow, than the other. But, losing weight remains HARD. Food is one of our greatest needs, AND, joys.  Changing our thinking about food is the biggest challenge.  


The most successful weight loss is healthy eating, with good proteins and lots of vegetables to help with appetite control.  Avoiding sugar and high glycemic carbs is good for everyone, dieting, or not.  We can, however, enjoy some lower glycemic carbs and an occasional treat.  Life is too short not to. 


A daily food journal, with calorie counting has somehow become an 'ancient, dated' diet program, when NO program will be successful, if we take in too many calories. It IS a fact. It's just as easy to count calories (maybe easier) than counting points, or some of the other tedious things other programs require.


Exercise is always needed, but when dieting it helps maintain and build muscle.  More muscle, more calorie burn, even at rest.  It's why guys lose weight easier. And, exercise strengthens bones. You don't like to lose weight and challenge your structure.  


I'm always amazed when taking a power walk of 2.5 to 3 miles, to find I only burned about 97 calories.  Really!  My coffee with some creamer in it was that much. It just ain't easy.  

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I lost by "baby weight" in 1981.  My program was the Quick Success program (We have a support threat in Among Friends going now and we are losing).


WW became too liberal in the amount of calories they allowed which called the losses to slow down dramatically.  We (Quick Success) were the efficient group at weight  loss if you'd like to join us. 

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Re: Farewell WW

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Go with unprocessed natural foods in moderate amounts, eaten throughout the day as opposed to "meals" at certain times. 


 Change your moderate exercise, if given the physical go ahead, to moderate plus. Base it on a higher heart rate at times, and increase the amount of time spent in your upper aerobic stage.


Don't care how anyone chooses to and exercise. When plateaus are are present, it usually takes for some, a major shakeup in the fuel burning aspect. Unfortunately the body adjusts and that along with  carrying less weight and better fitness, doing the same things, the body no longer responds because it is not physically stressed enough.


All food programs and exercise routines need to be upgraded as the body does things with more ease. It needs to be challenged more to wake it up periodically, to keep up weight loss and or physical fitness.








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Richard's was called Deal a Meal. I believe Oprah bought WW a few years back. 

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Oprah owns a small part of WW she is not the majority stock holder by any means


@KBEANS wrote:


Richard's was called Deal a Meal. I believe Oprah bought WW a few years back. 


Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive what could go right.
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I've heard good things about the Mayo Clinic program, they have material you can follow at home.  Good luck.

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If our taste buds are tuned in on a grocery store diet, they have been made numb by all the fat, salt and sweetness out there.


Just look at most of the recipe thread here.  You don't need canned sauce, white wheat anything, canned soup, cream cheese with sour cream, added sugar and added salt.


Go back to unprocessed and kick up the more unique seasonings.  Check labels.

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I never could count points. I just printed out the 9 points list and eat them. I intermittent fast. I eat 1200 calories a day. No sugar or carbs. Or minimal. I weigh every morning. That's the only way I can do it. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. I'm not by any means skinny. Taking antidepressants I'll never get back to my pre antidepressants weight but I'm good.
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One size does not fit all

You have to know what works for your body.


I did WW many years ago after having a baby, it worked for me.

In fact there was almost too much food to eat and I still lost weight.


But I tried it again a few years ago, nothing!

I found myself eating too much fruit, which is full of sugar.


Learn how your metabolism works.

I don't know your age, but you don't need as much protein suggested in most diet plans.   Protein is important but don't overdo it.   

Don't shy away from carbs.   


Avoid eating out, you can prepare a very healthy & satisfying meal in less than 30 minutes with few ingredients.