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Well that's it then, you need to revisit Colorado.  Road trip without climbing ha.  Seriously, with SilliMee in Colorado Springs that'd be a nice getaway and would be really fun to all meet.


I'm going to check out Only in Colorado, sounds great.  Since coming here from SF over 20 years ago there hasn't been a lot of opportunity to explore CO.  I still pinch myself every day though. 

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Looks fantastic! Bet the wind there is non-stop. It's about 50 miles north of me. I'd be up for it but my covid lungs won't let me...Woman Tongue

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@SilleeMee & @Kachina624 


We can make a field trip here lol, about 45 mins away:


Enstrom Candies Arvada

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My knees would be screaming also, but might be worth it. 

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@colliemom4 wrote:

I climbed up some mountain trail in Hawaii about 10 years ago. Never again lol. It looks very interesting though @Kachina624.

Yes, me, too! Diamond Head, as well as, I believe Waipio Valley...? There was another one, too.


But I was thinking Philadelphia Art Museum!