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I have a few more weeks of taking Tamoxifen after 5 years!  I am a little nervous as well but all of my medical team agree that 5 years of treatment is adequate for me.  Anyone else have mixed feelings when ending this kind of treatment?  

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I can't wait until my run is over. One less pill to take. LOL!


Congratulations on hitting that milestone!!

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Absolutely! I completed my 5 years in November of 2019 and definitely had some anxiety. I guess I felt I was safe from the cancer returning while I was taking the med. But here I am a year and a half later feeling good with no issues. Those feelings will pass. Congratulations on completing the 5 years. I know some that stopped taking the medication due to the side effects! I had many side effects and was so happy when my 5 years ended! 


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@midnight oil ---I was on tamox until just this january--am supposed to take the aromatase meds for my age which is post meno--but had issues with  them so soon after my treatment was over--am a 9 year breast cancer survivor. After a pelvic scan, a thickening was found so went in for D & C, Results were clear but no more tamox and now  am on arimidex for this year and next year---Onc dr wanted me on 10 years of meds---and yes I am wondering and somewhat uneasy too. Kind of a safety net, you know---but congrats to you---mission accomplished!!!

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I was told I could stop taking Tamoxifen in July 2021. That will be my 5 year anniversary of taking the drug. THEN the Doctor told me later that he might want me to take it for 10 years!


WHAT! I have never been given any blood tests. I only see the Doctor to get my prescription renewed. 

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@midnight oil   I felt exactly the way you do.  I would have been happy to take Tamoxifen for the rest of my life.  Every time I took the pill I felt like I was doing something to hopefully prevent a recurrence.  I can tell you that the more time that has gone by and everything has been okay -- that feeling started to lessen and now I never even think about it.  I was on Tamoxifen for 5 years and it has been 5 years since I stopped.

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Re: Ending Tamoxifen

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I took Arimidex for 5 years and also felt apprehensive when I was taken off. That was 14 years ago with NO problems!!!!

My mother was on Novsdex for 9 years and lived another 39 years!

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I had no idea Tamoxofin was still used for breast cancer.  I took it for 5 years in 1998, yes, that long ago with no side affects.  Looked forward to the end but had no apprehension about how I'd feel once off it.  Felt good and still feel good 23 years later.  Had one scare since those days but it turned out to be scar tissue.  Good luck to you and glad you are ok.