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Thanks everyone Smiley Happy 

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Never do it. I would use a ear wax remover kit. Pharmacies have them, I use one in a yellow and green box. Put drops in ears, wait 10 minutes, use the bulb syringe and warm water to rinse it out. Works like a charm .

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Love all the opinions from those who have never tried it. HAHA.....  I have had mine done once or twice/year for several years. It clears out my sinuses really really well. 


I have never ever had a bad reaction from it of any kind -- unlike some of the prescription drugs I have used per doctor's orders. 



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My husband tends to get a lot of wax buildup in his ears which sometimes leads to infections.  I started using ear candles on him which made a big difference - no more ear infections. 


I’m assuming the warnings about them have to do with possibly being burned.  I always followed the instructions which said to use a foil pie pan, cut a hole in the center for the candle, so as the candle burns down any falling ash will fall into the pan.  I also covered him with a towel, etc.  There was never a problem. 

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I had it done once about 15 years ago.  I had to fly with a cold and the flight home killed me as my ears wouldn't "pop open"  I suffered for 2 weeks and a co-worker told me he goes to a woman who does ear candling and it might help.


I went to her home.  She put a lighted candle in my ear and gave me a wonderful facial massage, concentratiing on my sinus area,  I kept thinking who on earth thought to do this how many years ago.  It was a very soothing experience and she showed me how much wax was removed.


Long story short, one of my ears did pop open but the other one took another 10 days.  I didn't go back to her but it is something I would do again.

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I have ear wax issues. I go to my ENT two or three times a year to have my ears cleaned. Otherwise I get horrible vertigo. 


I’d never do anything on my own to clean my ears. It’s not safe. 

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I build a lot of wax especially in one ear.  My friend taught me and now my DH does it for me.  I always get lots of old dry wax out.  It has made all the difference in my not getting sinus infections anymore.  

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I would totally try this.

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I used to do my daughters, she seemed to think it worked.  I use peroxide in mine.

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