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Doctor's Appointment Question

I was going for my yearly check up which I had to wait a long time to even get in and now the receptionist called a week before and told me the practioner I was seeing won't be in that day and it's been moved to March, but if I'm having any problems call and they will get me in. This has happened before and they've made me another appointment as soon as they could, not months later.

Things happen, I know, but I think March is a long delay. Especially since I've had to wait so long already. And, the fact that this has happened before isn't making me happy. Makes me think somebody just decided to take a day off to Christmas shop or something.{#emotions_dlg.angry}

Check ups are to avoid or identify problems, not "get me in" if there is one. I might possibly be overeacting (bad day), so if I am please tell me so (gently please) lol, as I said it's not been the best day.