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I have stage 4 emphysema and it sure puts the weight on you!


I use Advair and an abuterol inhaler, my weight went from my average of 110 to 129 (today at the Dr's office).


I am miserable and ALWAYS hungry!!!

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Hi @Sooner ,


This has been a tough season for those of us with allergies.


I have mild asthma but when I was quite ill a few years ago when Covid was first going around, it had really aggravated my asthma and it had made my lungs more reactive so I was put on a combo. inhaler--one with cortisone in it, along with a quick-acting medication.


So I use Advair daily, plus I also use a rescue inhaler when I need one--generic ProAir, or albuterol.


I also take an antihistimine daily year 'round. It helps for various allergic symptoms. 

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I appreciate the responses!  You told me just what I needed to know to have an intelligent discussion with my doc!  I appreciate that y'all are generous enough to share experience. 


You can get the facts from reading, but experience comes from people!  Heart