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My dh and I are looking for a plan. We try to eat healthy and small portions but that's not enough. He has an ulcer so some foods are hard on him. Suggestions?
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If I were to suggest anything, and I am not a dietician nor a professional, I would suggest this (for everyone on Planet Earth too):

Go through every bit of your food, every bit of it and throw away every single item that contains any of these (listed below) as its ingredients:

Hydrogenated oil(s)

Hydrogenated fat(s)

Partially hydrogenated fat(s)

Partially hydrogenated oil(s)

Trans fat(s)

Trans fatty oil(s)




Also, do not rely on the front label (it is advertising). Zero Trans Fats does not mean it is Trans Fat free. It is "per serving".

So………..for anyone who is using the coffee flavoring to make, for example, frosting for their bakery items, there is (in some flavored coffee creamers) enough trans fats to stop a heart on a bull potentially.

Read the ingredients.


Only buy good fats for your brain, which happens to require good fats and oils to run properly--nuts, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, peanut butter (pure peanut type, not the hydrogenated-loaded for "bulk" kind), peanut oil.

I personally avoid canola oil because I only eat non GMO food. GMO means Genetically Modified Organisms. If you do not know about GMO, read about it.


After you remove all that "keep it stored on the shelf longer" junk fat and oils from your diet, I bet you'll feel better and see the results if you have your blood monitored for cholesterol (again, I am not a doctor), but ask and see if any doctor will tell you to eat good fat or bad fat.

Good luck! Remember--toss it, don't eat it…it is bad for you and your family.

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you could also look at My Fitness Pal or one of the other online diet diaries to help with calculating what you are eating. Most of them are free

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Push backs and Push ups!!

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Have him see a nutritionist who can guide him in not eating foods that will aggravate his health concerns.

For yourself a plant based diet, low in saturated fats is worth running by your physician and see what he or she thinks.

Ical's suggestions are also very sound.

Good luck and keep us posted.