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Today I had a dexa scan - comparing my test from 2 years ago, which was going in the wrong direction.  The recommendation from @SilleeMee let  me to use bamboo extract in my morning coffee.


The scan showed 1.6% improvement in the hip and a decrease of 0.8% in the spine.

I will have her explain how there can be an increase and a decrease in different areas but overall it was a good report.


...thanks @SilleeMee for the recommendation....

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You're welcome @Mom2Dogs 

I'm very happy about your good report. Fantastic!

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There are many posters on these forums who show kindness and care for others.  


SilleeMee, you are among them!

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Thank you so much. Your kind words are very much appreciated.Heart

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What do you have to do for this test. My doctor wants me to have this. Do you have to get into a gown or what? Thank you for your time. And about how long is this scan?

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@May5  and @Mom2Dogs  I'm also interested in what's involved with this scan. I'm having my first tomorrow, right after my mamogram. They told me it would be 15 minutes and not uncomfortable like a mamo. That's all I know.

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Bone Density Test (DEXA scan):  What is it and how it's search:


ClevelandClinic dot org DEXA scan


That will tell you everything you need to know.

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Re: Dexa Scan report

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Very simple, keep clothes on just lie down on a table in a few different positions, and a scan goes over your body, from above,  takes just a few minutes. 

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@PA Mom-mom@May5 


I have osteoporosis and have Dex scans every 3 years.


I don't even get undressed, just lay on an x-ray table clothed, a foam wedge under your knees (propping the knees up), takes no more than 20-30 minutes, and I'm done and out. 


My osteo is in my spine and hip also, I use Prolia.

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