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When I get things frozen off the dr. tells me to constantly keep vaseline on it while healing. You don't want it to scab over.

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@kivah  I applaud your doctor for sending you to a specialst vs thinking they could diagnose and treat you themselves.  As my first dermatologist said, most doctors get about a day of dermatology in medical school.  It's best to leave these things to the people who work with them and look at them every single day.


A dermatologist will decide if something needs to be frozen off vs cut off for biopsy and will know what needs to be watched and what is a normal skin change.


I go every 6 months to have my moles checked as I have many from years of living in the sun without sunscreen and many serious burns from falling asleep in the sun when I was in my teens.



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I've seen my dermatologist 3x within the last year for both shave and punch biopsies.   I am always given an instruction sheet on how to care for my wound.  As a very fair skinned redhead, my wounds always get very red and take awhile to heal and fade.  

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RedTop: I'm a fair-skinned, blonde - who's older.