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Yes, I believe Epsom Salts work (Magnesium sulfate).  I was in Karate for years and used warm water and Epsom for nearly every part of my body, but especially when I burst the bursa sac in my left knee.  What a relief those soaks were.... now I'm suffering as you are, with my hands and I was just thinking of soaking my hands in Epsom..... good luck, hope it provides relief for you.... Woman Happy

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@Tinkrbl44 wrote:

I have arthritis in my hands and it was suggested to soak them in epsom salts.   


Wanting feedback,  based on your experience ... does this actually help? 


All suggestions and recommendations welcome.  Woman Happy



@Tinkrbl44 , don't know about epsom salt but Voltaren cream is great if you can tolerate NSAIDS. 

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I can vouch for an Epsom Salt soak for Restless Leg Syndrome and for muscle fatigue after working out .

RLS can vary in its severity. Some nights I don't experience it but other nights I climb up the walls!
Walking around in circles, hopping on my Rebounder..and even walking around my block at 2 AM. by myself .

On those nights I get no sleep, but now I take
Epsom soaks which calms my legs down..

A heavy bag (5-8lbs.) of Amazon brand ES
is very cheap. I don't feel like paying twice as much for a "name brand" is worth it.

Even the Dollar Tree has 1lb. bags of Epsom Salts in various scents.

Taking an ES soak, adding a shower gel to the water, is an inexpensive way to have a luxurious
experience !
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Epson salts work for aches and pains.


Additional suggestion: Magnesium spray might work for you, also.