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@luvdoodles wrote:

I have always heard that when you want to get off that type of medicine you have to wean off it in order to lessed the side effects. Your doctor will explain to how to do it safely. I have insominia and I take Lorazapan. I have for years. Sleep pretty good most nights now. As you know not sleeping is very bad for your whole body.



Too late.  I already went off of Oxycodone without tapering.  That's why I can't sleep, I think.  Last night, I took 2 mg. Lorazapan (Ativan) and slept for 11 hours.  I have always taken it for sleep (only 1 mg.) before going on Oxycodone.  I discontinued it during the time I was taking Oxycodone.  However,  now 1 mg. Lorazapan isn't enough to make me sleep at all.  How many milligrams of Lorazapan do you take?


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Many people get good results from melatonin, others get good results from benadryl. Neither of these are addicting.