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What is your favorite brand of CBD products?  Ever heard of Greenroads?  It was recommended to me and I might try the capsules.  I have tried oil drops in the past and did not like them.

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I've heard of CBD products but not too familiar with them.  Do they have THC in them?

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@Kayell A lot of CBD that you buy online has a very small amount of THC - less than .3% which is the federal limit for hemp products.  I've tried multiple CBD products and they don't make you feel high or anything.  However, they've never helped me much - I am mostly looking for something to help me relax/sleep at night and help with some aches and pains.


Since weed is legal in my state, I recently bought some with a high CBD content/lower THC content and my husband made me some gummies with it.  It has been great with helping me fall asleep and I don't wake up groggy at all like I do with OTC sleeping aids.  I will say that I do not like the feeling of being stoned, so I've never been into smoking weed.  A little while after taking a gummy, I do feel a bit stoned, but not in the fuzzy head feeling that I hate.  Mostly my body just feels very relaxed and soon after I get that feeling I fall asleep.  I wake up feeling great.


If anyone is interested in CBD and you live in a state with dispensaries nearby, I would suggest checking out their CBD products first.  I think their prices might be better than what you can find online.




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we get  "just cbd" in the gummies.

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I must state that I have never personally tried a CBD product for myself, but I purchased one (recommended by a trusted Health Food Store owner) for my dog for his arthritis pain and difficulty standing and walking, and it has been a game changer for him.


I purchased a dropper bottle from Upstate Elevator Supply Co. and it is USDA organic and THC Free CBD MCT oil (from hemp) - 3000 mg. The bottle contains 2 fluid ounces, which is 60 mL.


I give one mL by mouth to my elderly dog every day, which enables him to stand up, and walk. It truly is miraculous stuff. I am sure his pain level is now tolerable, because the improvement in his mobility is quite obvious and quite consistent. 

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I like SunsOil products.  I have the 20 mg. capsules on auto delivery.  I like their quality and price.  Their products are also organic and you can look up their lab reports right on the website.