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My oldest daughter (soon 48) just texted me she just found out my late husband's sister (her Aunt) has breast cancer.  So that makes HIS mother (deceased), both of his sister's (one deceased and one dying) all have breast cancer.


Cancer (brain, breast, you name it) really runs in his family.  He was totally healthy when he died (they never could find out why he just dropped dead in front of me) but he didn't have cancer.


I always impressed on them the importance of physicals (for themselves and their children).  They are really good at following through.


The middle daughter (soon 46) just texted she had a mamogram at the beginning of the year.  


Good grief!  I've always said to my girls that from my side of the family the woman live forever (my grandmothers were almost 100 years old) and my mother was in her 80's when she died from smoking.


But their Dad's side of the family has had so many health problems it's crazy!


This is why it's important for each person to know their family history.

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@Annabellethecat66 My family (mom's side or dad's side) had NO history of cancer...until my maternal grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 80, which killed him 3 years later. Then my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer at 83. Surgery took care of it, she lived to be 90. My dad was diagnosed with it at 73, again surgery took care of it...he's still going strong at 86. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer the same year, mastectomy, chemo, radiation got it, and she lived for 3 more years...died at 76, unrelated to cancer.


I had endometrial cancer 5 years ago...caught very early, surgery got it all. I had a colonoscopy last week (my 2nd one) and they removed polyps that were determined to be pre-cancerous--so back for another one in 3 years instead of 10. I get mammograms every year (shamefully, I neglected them for a lot of years, I was fortunate that nothing developed in that time).


My point is...we have to get the recommended screenings, and do it regularly. So many cancers can be cured if found early! Family history does up the risk factor, but like I said, we had NO history of cancer until about 25 years ago. And I have a large family on both sides.

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@vermint I wasn't saying I don't get checkup's regularly, I was saying there were no diagnosis' of cancer in my family.


I have two sisters who are RN's, and now 3 nieces who are RN's.  You can believe we are all aware of the importance of regular checkups.



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Cancer seems to run in my father's side of the family.  There were 11 children and most of them, including my father had some kind of cancer. Four aunts had breast cancer.


My two brothers were diagnosed with cancer, one died from cancer at age 51 and the other one was diagnosed last year in a very early stage.  He had radiation or chemo needed.


i have over 100 first cousins on my fathers side of the family.  Only one has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her mother died from breast cancer while she was in her 30's.  The type of cancer her daughter, my cousin has, is not caused by heredity. 


Almost every family on the street I grew up on as a child has lost at least one son to cancer..including my family.  Not many females were affected, but the males were.  I grew up in the house where my father and his siblings were born and grew up. I suspect their cancer had to do with all the chemicals we were exposed to everyday.


 The small town where I grew up has many industries. The air was always polluted and our floors were always dirty no matter how many times you cleaned them.  I would notice sparkles of glittery dust on the furniture and floating in the air.  I remember all the ladies in the neighborhood grabbing the clean laundry off of the clothes lines when a black cloud of smoke was released.


it is best for everyone to be checked for cancer if we notice anything suspicious or strange.  We also need to be aware of our environment and what we consume.  Almost everything today has harmful chemicals in it...from toilet tissue to hair dye.


Some cancers are passed down, but I think most are caused by chemicals in our environment.  We can't be too careful.


i try to avoid using cosmetics and soaps that are not necessary and I am careful what type of meds I take and what I eat. many drugs cause liver cancer and they are on drug store shelves being taken by the public with no or little warnings.


I had a breast biopsy last week.  It was scary, but no cancer was found.  next week, I am scheduled for a breast MRI as a precaution.


So far so good.  I pray a lot too.  It can't hurt.

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I didn't take it that way at all, @Annabellethecat66Woman Happy Just chiming in with my own story, and hoping others will take heed. From other posts I've read of yours, I think you take good care of yourself.



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@vermint I understand.  I didn't take it any way but to understand what you were saying was coming from your heart.  When words come from the heart, they always come from a good place.  It's all good.

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Cancer is not just genetics..not just family history.  Sure, family history can play a role in your health....BUT.....


our environment, diet  and lifestyle plays a HUGE  role in cancers. 


Look at at your diet....look at your lifestyle....these are things you DO HAVE CONTROL OVER!  


So so many people do no prevention measures.....because most of them ARE NO FUN TO DO  or to incorporate into our lives.  So, they just blame cancer on genetics or say. "cancer runs in my family"....cop out....  


I personally am all about prevention in how I live my life.  It is worth it to me.  I see so many people who do not live their lives as though they care about their health.  It is rather all about pleasure..... Sad.


 In life there is no guarantee.....but I chose to be in the drivers seat as much as I possibly can.

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They are no logical reasons for someone to get cancer---I was dx in 2012 with breast cancer. No one in my family had it before me. I didn't ever smoke or drink; I managed my weight and ate healthy as well as kept moving. But there you go!!! Now my DD has to be vigilent at age 35 and will get her first mammo this year. I am very sorry about your SIL. Hopefully she caught it  early and can work toward a good outcome. 

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I don't believe that fact that there's no history of cancer (that you know of) in your means anything at all.  You shouldn't take any consolation in that.  Also you have no way of knowing if any of the cancer on your ex husband's side is genetic.  It's something that your daughters should advise their physicians of.  

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I grew up in the northeast, the very polluted northeast in the 1960s.

The air & water were polluted.   The Waterman-Bic factory was up river from the town where I grew up, all their waste water went into the Housatonic River, you could smell it.

Bic pens killed the river, but the area has been cleaned up now.

Both my parents died of cancer, I'm an only child.


I have so many other diagnoses that will probably get me before cancer has the chance.


I do believe environment plays a role.