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TSV will be the Body Gym that Marie Osmond sells. Does anyone have any reviews on this product?

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I had one and returned it. Not worth it. You can buy rubber stretch bands for a few bucks, not $40. Does the same thing.

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I have one but after the first day or went in the closet and there is sits....

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I have the Tony LIttle one which is basically the same thing and I love it!!! It DID transform my body, l am absolutely thrilled with the results. I have been using since last January. It's a wonderful total body workout system an does work if you use it! The video with mine is only about 25 minutes long but it provides a wonderfully complete workout for me.
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If it is the same one she has been selling, wonder what the price will be. Would think people who bought recently might be upset if price is lower. That is why I am thinking it might possibly be an improved/different configuration. I have one and will say it does work as long as used regularly. Been using lately for stretching my legs, helps with tight muscles and arthritic aches.
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The QVC Insider said this is a new Deluxe version.

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I threw away my workout bands when I saw what Harry Reid did to himself with them. I really did...maybe that's silly but that scared me.  I'll stick with my Gazelle and light hand weights. 

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Not silly at all...that was a horrific incident BUT his equipment was a large wall mounted unit. That kind of damage couldn't be done with hand held workout bands. That said, everyone should use what they are comfortable with.