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Bladder infection?

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Does anyone know if it's possible to have an UTI with clear looking urine?  My urine is clear but I'm having urinary frequency and some pain in urethra.  I bought AZO test strips and it showed positive for an infection.  I did a online Evisit with a doctor and he's prescribing antibiotics.

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Re: Bladder infection?

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@marip Yes.  I get them frequently in menopause.  Azo is a great temporary relief.  Hope you feel better soon!  Just curious - did the doctor prescribe the anitbiotic based on the Azo test result?

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Re: Bladder infection?

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The best way to tell if it's cloudy and the degree of cloudiness is urinating in a clean, perfectly clear container, then holding it up to the light. 


You may have caught it early...if so, it might only be slightly cloudy.  

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Re: Bladder infection?

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It's more common to have cloudy urine with a UTI but urine can be more clear, as other poster said you may have caught it early.


Curious was evisit with your normal Dr or an online doc?

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I was getting that frequently and it showed NO infection.  I did antibiotics and then later, bam, I'd get it again.


I went to a urologist and had him look in the bladder.  I have Interstitial something or other.  It means that the natural meshing on the bladder wall is "defective".  Urine can make if feel burning and some pain, that's why the meshing is there.  I do know that all through my life I've always had trouble holding wee wee too.


It's not life threatening and they advise what not to eat to avoid annoying it.


I requested general anesthesia for the procedure.

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I have. Reoccring UTI.  This past week saw a specialist and he removed by lazer infection or elision on my bladder. Put Botox  Botox should help with going all the time. In about a month I am having my bladder put back in again 

uTI are awful. I don't want surger. Had my bladder done many years ago over 25. I sure proceeduce has improved. 
I feel for you all that get them but be aggressive get it taken care of 

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Juniper Berry Tea is a God Send for UTI pain. You can get it at any Herbalist store. It comes in many forms. I drink the hot tea. The taste is not great but by the the water works through you the pain is easing I just keep drinking cup after cup until I can get to Instacare.

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I had one not to long ago and had to go to Urgent Care to get antibiotics. They told me not to use Azo but didn't tell me why. 

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during the pandemic I learned something, I don't need to take antibiotics for UTI. Lots of cranberry juice which is the go to for these type of infections, and let my body's immune system do the healing.  

I was amazed how well it worked, but mother nature has be refining the proces for hundreds of thousands of years.  

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Yes it is possible to look clear but you can still have bacteria in it.  I've suffered with UTI's my entire life, started when I was young.   Thankfully I have been much better since menopause.   Anyway they discovered when I had my first C-Section that I actually have a "tipped" bladder.  Not serious enough for surgery though but may have been contributing.   My uterus is also tipped which is partly the reason for the sections.   My hubby lovingly calls me tipsy, LOL!

Hope you feel better as I know how uncomfortable they can be.

Make sure to take the whole script so you make sure the bacteria is gone.