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Re: Anyone have this problem trying to sleep ?

I completely understand what you are saying. When I had a bad cold, I experienced very startling strong jerks when falling asleep.  Was never able to return to sleep because it continued all night. After a few nights, I finally took some NyQuil which knocked me out and the problem luckily disappeared after I got some rest.  It is very disturbing when the jerks are so strong and you are already tired.  Good luck with all the suggestions. 

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Re: Anyone have this problem trying to sleep ?

Thanks imarocker , that is the way i am feeling , i don't even remember them even being a problem until now , i remember getting them in my hands or legs , but it wasn't a big deal , i would just fall back to sleep , i am going to try some magnesium capsules , the calm powder was not a good fix for me.

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Re: Anyone have this problem trying to sleep ?

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@MW in Iowa wrote:

I recently have had either muscle spasms or your whole body jerks , just when i am almost falling asleep , it started just the arms or legs now it can be in my neck also. Sounds like not a big deal , but now i can't fall back to sleep.  I am trying a magnesium powder tonight. I even took melentonin , but after it wakes me up it is over. Any thoughts. I can do without sleep 1 or 2 nights , bur beyond that it is, becoming a major problem.

@MW in Iowa 


Have you discussed your symptoms with your doctor?

Your symptoms indicate something serious is happening.  And could be worse if left undiagnosed.  Even lead to permanent paralysis, nerve damage, life threatening stroke, or an aneurism.  JMO.

'See your Dr. ASAP!


Good luck.





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