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Re: Another fracture in my back . . .

Hope you feel better soon. 💗

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Re: Another fracture in my back . . .

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@BirkiLady, Thanks for your good wishes.

No, I wasn’t diagnosed young nor particularly early.  I started ar 71 and so far have had four years of injections.  Despite the face I have had two internal medicine docs, no one bothered to check my vitamin D levels.  Only when it was suggested I have “the test” for osteoporosis, did I discover I did.  I was referred to an endocrinologist to manage this.  My vitamin D levels were very low.  So, despite trying to be proactive before this, I learned after the fact that vitamin D is essential for good bone health.  I take Citracal and 4,000 units of vitamin D every day.  Despite taking vitamins and such, everybody is different.

True, I live in NE and never was a sun worshipper, but my low D level was a shock.  Yes, I am happy to be where I am.  But it doesn’t mean my doc wants me to discontinue Prolia.  I am fine with that.  Five years ago I slipped on some water and fractured my upper arm.  No surgery needed, but I do remember the intensity of pain!  I will do what I can to avoid this and hope my bones will get stronger still.  So take hope!!!

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Re: Another fracture in my back . . .

@BirkiLady wrote:

Have never been completely out of pain since December, but the past three weeks have been miserable. I couldn't figure out what was the matter. Just kept getting worse. Last week I finally called the Ortho. Surgeon and made appointments for my knee (it's still painful and black and blue) and for my back, which has a new shooting pain. (This has made me grumpy. It's been so long since I've felt good; think I'm finally getting fed up with the entire mess of that woman's horrible driving.) 

Anyway, I had more x-rays and an MRI for my knee last week. Today, I had additional x-rays for my back. Seems I have another fracture. Thought I was depressed when I went into their clinic! Coming out, it was all I could do to hold back the tears. Dang it . . . I'm not going to let some idiot woman bring me to tears and ruin my day!! So far, no tears have been shed since she hit me and she won't get the satisfaction today. I may be down, but I shall pick myself up and survive. An MRI is scheduled for Wednesday, IIRC.


My Ortho. Surgeon was also talking about a procedure called  Vertebroplasty. Is anyone familiar with it? Or had it done? I have information on it. The "cons" (paralysis) sound scary due to the location of the nerves.  


I have had kyphoplasty on two of my compressed vertebrae.  I have found no difference in recovery from my other numerous compressed vertebrae when they resolved naturally.  I think the surgeries are similar.  


Just make sure you really need the surgery because sometimes back surgery causes more problems than it cures.


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Re: Another fracture in my back . . .

@PamfromCT  Like you, I also had low levels of Vit. D and am taking the same dosage you are. I've never been told about the Citracal, however. I'm going to my specialist on Thursday. I just sent him a list of question via email. I'll make a note to myself to ask this in person! 

Thanks for the information. Glad you are staying on Prolia. It's obviously very good stuff for you! Your story gives me so much hope.    

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Re: Another fracture in my back . . .

@LilacTree  Like you, I'm cautious about anything foreign being placed into my body. I'm back in the big, heavy back brace and have to admit it feels good! It does offer the support my back needs and that gives me the courage to go the natural healing way again. Been there for the other three fractures this year; I can do it again.

And, taking an Aleve once a day is helping a lot!! I was not taking anything for the pain since I didn't know there was a fracture.