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@On It wrote:

As far as the delay in getting an appointment, we have experienced that as well. I am afraid the shortage of medical professionals is starting to impact us more and more. 


I live in the Seattle area and most doctors are booked up weeks, if not months, in advance. I'm going to see my primary care physician next week and I was lucky to get an appointment that soon--it's been monthst since I've seen her.



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PS: Gabapentin doesn't loosen the jointes or nerves, it works in the brain as far as I know. It is used also for epilepsy type disease. It makes me feel happier. 

If you were refering to my post, I'm repeating what the doctor told my husband.


I'm fully aware of what it does and more importantly what it doesn't do, as in offer any relief to anyone I know that took it.


He didn't believe me and after I made him sit and read the paper work that came with the prescription he decided that the side effects from stopping cold turkey, as the pain management doctor told him he could do, weren't worth it.