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Advice needed!

I need advice and I know I've come to the right place!


DH had a regular dental checkup.  During that exam, the dentist said an old filling needed to be removed and a new filling put in.  So, DH went and had the procedure done.  Within a couple days he started complaining about discomfort in that tooth.  He went back to the same dentist and was told that there was a "high spot" in the filling and was causing discomfort when chewing because it was hitting the lower tooth.  The high spot was ground down.  A day or so later, DH, who never complains of pain, said the tooth that was filled was hurting.  This was Thursday evening, he called the dental office on Friday morning and discovered they don't work on Friday.  So he spent the weekend in pain.  Finally was seen today by a different dentist and was given the bad news.  DH needed a root canal or have the tooth exracted;  he chose extraction.  So, he went in for a checkup, had no problem, then after being treated, he is missing a tooth.  I say he should have had all fees refunded.  He's become non confrontational, and just wants to forget this.  This dentist is inept and should not be paid!  Of course, he won't go to that practice again.


 Would you pursue regarding a refund, let it go, and/or file a complaint with the state dental board? 

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Re: Advice needed!

@this is my nic -

That does sound like not very thorough dental work.

I would ask if an x-ray was taken. It should have been. If it was, it seems the dentist should have seen the tooth needed a root canal. I would ask him why it wasn't done and tell him what had to be done and that your dh lost a tooth.

I would ask for a refund for correct work not done and because of the expense and time of going to a second dentist.

If he refuses and depending on his answer, I would let him know I would be making a complaint to the state dental board.

I might also dispute the charge with my credit card company.

Your dh sounds as if he just wants to forget it and move on. I can understand that too because people react to difficult situations in different ways.

I would feel the same as you.

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Re: Advice needed!

I completely agree with @on the bay .  Don't let any extra time pass before calling dentist.number one.

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Re: Advice needed!

I went to a quack that suggested that to me. The teeth are old and can't with stand that kind of torcher. Quack, Quack, and Double Quack ! I think that Dentist needs to be sued. And fortunately I didn't do it and also changed Dentist. I don't trust dentists any longer. Especially since I no longer have dental  payment help. The Dentist kept saying ," Oh you needs this done, and oh you need this done. And I tried to explain I have no dental help any longer and he got lippy and said "Well You stil l need it Done"I never went back. 

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Re: Advice needed!

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Unfortunately this happens fairly often.  The dentist should have warned him up front.  Mine does.  Each time a tooth is drilled on it is "insulted".  If it's a big filling it's more at risk.  The tooth may not recover from the insult and it says, hey, I'm outta here.  Then you do a root canal and a crown, or pull it.  You just don't know how the tooth will react before hand, but if it's a big filling it probably will die.  It's happened to me.  Doesn't mean that the dentist is inept.  And a claim with the dental board is not in order. 

I don't let the dentist change out my fillings unless there's decay or a crack underneath.

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Re: Advice needed!

I would seek reimbursement for your out of pocket cost of the first procedure.  Are they both in the same practice? that would make it easier

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Re: Advice needed!

aa@this is my nic : If you have dental insurance contact them. They can do a follow up with the dentist and refuse to pay.


Last  July , I had a sleep apnea test done. I was never told the results and my primary care doctor that did the referral was told waiting for results to be signed. After 6 months , I called my health insurance and they said they just received a claim. They called that office while I was on the phone and of course  they promised the results the next week. Never happened . Insurance reported the doctor  and denied all claims that they kept sending.  It’s a hassle but need to follow up on any health procedures or problems. Southern Bee

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Re: Advice needed!

@this is my nic  File a dispute with your credit card (if that how it was paid) for the wrong filing. Was you husband able to look at the xrays prior to having that filling done? My DDS always shows me the problem area. I approve the work to be done after seeing the issue on the xrays.


Since your husband chose to have the tooth removed, he is liable for that expense. Keep quiet. He's satisfied with the results and doesn't want to create a big deal. I agree with him on the second part.


Granted, the filling isn't expensive. However, I would pursue a refund through the dispute process on your credit card. It works very well. I have used it only once, but it works well. 

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Re: Advice needed!


@this is my nic 


Not advice, just how I would handle this. I am one that lets very little slide, but. If my dentist did not do the necessary tests to make a diagnosis, and I let him do the work anyway?  That's  on me, and I would "let it go".





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Re: Advice needed!

I have had extensive work done on every tooth in my mouth; I inherited terrible teeth.  I've gone to 3 dentists over the years, all of whom I had complete confidence in.  On a couple of occasions, I've had a tooth refilled with the hope I could avoid the expense of a root canal.  It often doesn't work out and the root canal becomes necessary.  I think this situation is fairly routine and certainly is not a case of mal-practice on the part of the dentist.  The idea of suing him or filing a formal complaint never entered my head.  I was under the assumption we were working as a team to give me the best care at the least cost.


If you feel you are owed a refund, I'd sit down and have a chat with the dentist and hear his side of the story.

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