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@Abrowneyegirl, for me it was about 2.5 years.  Lots of ortho appts.



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@Sweetbay magnolia wrote:

@Abrowneyegirl, for me it was about 2.5 years.  Lots of ortho appts.



Wow! You are a trooper!!

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Re: Adult Invisalign

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A relative did it before her daughter's wedding.  It took about a year and she was very successful with it.


I was approved for Invisaline, but I didn't do it.  My issue is my wisdom teeth came in perfectly and there is not enough room in my mouth for them.  I believe I need them removed in order to have success with any type of braces.


I know me and I will not wear it as much as I should.  It would be a waste of money for me.


Another friend (in her 50s) did traditional braces last year.  Talk about brave!  I can't do it again.  Once was enough.

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@BarbaraKa the night grinding or clenching seems to be exasperated by a bit that is off, it seems to be a chicken vs egg situation.  I have done a lot of research on this!

The bottom line teeth are damaged and jaw pain is caused. 

So far I am lucky I rarely have jaw pain, but my gums and teeth are suffering.


I was prepared for the $$$$ so I did not fall out of my chair.  Ughh!

I have grown accustom to EVERYTHING dental being VERY expensive!!!  I have what is considered good dental insurance and still they cover less and less (although the price goes higher every year)

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I'm about 3/4 of the way through my course with Invisalign.  Suddenly my front bottom teeth decided to lean backwards leaving me really subject to cavities.  I only have one cavity and would like to keep it that way.


Quite pleased with the results.  Not covered by my dental / health insurance, but it is a tax deductible expense.



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One of the best things I ever did and I was 60 when I began. I had no idea my mouth could feel so good and I did not realize it was not great before.  


My daughter in her 30s just finished her Invisalign treatment and her headaches are gone , mouth is beautiful, and she is so happy she did it.


i highly recommend. You will wear the last tray for the rest of your life st night but I can't go to sleep without it now. Good luck! It is great.

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My husband should have had braces when he was younger, but his parents wouldn't do it.  Finally, when he was in his mid-50's, he got Invisaligns.  They worked well for him.  He still wears a retainer at night.

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Thank you for feed back!  

I spent a lot of time and energy finding a very experienced dentist but it is so help to hear from other adults.

As other have said, I think after I go through the treatment I am going to be amazed to realize just how bad my bite current is.

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This may sound strange but ever since I had cervical spine surgery, my bite has changed. I don't know if the surgery has anything to do with my teeth, but that's what has happened to me. I need to ask a dentist about this because this problem has caused me to chip a tooth. I probably need my teeth realigned now.Smiley Frustrated

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Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not intend for us to live as long as some of us are living, and she didn't make sure our teeth would last as long as our bodies!! 


I had my whole upper bridge redone two years ago (out of pocket and, wow, the cost).  Last year I had the bottom done and used CareCredit.  It's a great deal to have no finance charge as long as one pays within a certain amount of time.  I have two more payments to make and I am done.  Finance charges = $0 !!


My car payments end in December, and unfortunately, they made a bundle on me.  So I guess it evens out. 


It will be a relief to have two more debts paid though.

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