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I saw this on Pinterest and thought I would pass it on for the movers and shakers. Cat Wink


Give yourself something to look forward to when you work out:

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Re: 27 Protein Shake Recipes

Some of those shakes could end up being 400 calories which wouldn't be good if a person wanted to drink protein shakes to help with weightloss.  Which I do.  Mine come from my wellness program and we do not mix them with milk, we mix them with water or any sugar free drink.  I use ice cold water or a clear diet soda.  I only put frozen berries in my shake. I use 1 cup and whip it up in my blender and it comes out very very thick and tastes so good but it is sooo healthy and has about 170 calories.  If I just use ice, it's only 110 calories.  When summer comes, I'll start using some fresh fruit but I pass on the nuts, peanut butter, honey, yogurt.  200 calories is my limit for a shake.