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Re: Winter Red Currant

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I am developing my relationship wth WRC.

Intially, I  canceled the TSV A/D shipment that included WRC. (I don't need this. I don't need this. Seriously, I don't need this.)

Unable to resist, I re-instated the A/D. (But I have to try WRC. I just have to!)

At first sniff, I liked WRC: not too floral, not too herbal, not too much of anything, just a pleasant scent. (Hmmm, what's with all the opinions on this one? It smells fine.)

I took it to the shower..*.horrible*. Just an awful, sharp, stinky smell. (Ack! What did I buy? YUCK!!!)

Then I styled my hair-and it looked great! (Is this a fluke? Let's see what it looks like tomorrow.)

I worked with my second-day hair-and it looked better than the first-day hair. (What kind of magic is this???)

Repeated the process. Same results.

Soooo...I am still not thrilled about the scent, but I no longer find it totally offensive. Mixing it with a little POM helps cut the sharpness. And my hair LOVES WRC!


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Hi @k9mama,  I loved the performance of WRC right away, but wasn't sure if I wanted to invest more for CC with this fragrance since I'm trying to un-crowd my Wen shelf. 


One afternoon I propped the open bottle (no pump) of WRC under my nose while I perused the forums for a few hours. Since then, I quite like the WRC fragrance.


Also, I often choose a Wen CC to rub (just a dab) into the back of my hands so I can periodically enjoy a sniff of fresh fragrance. WRC is good to skin, so works well for this.


I'm certain I need more WRC now, and hope Chaz brings us some Winter deals when he returns to QVC in February.

Contrary to your experience, to me WRC seems to be stronger in the bottle than when in use.


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When I was little, one of my chores was picking berries for my mom to make jam...strawberries, raspberries, and yes, red currants.  This cc does indeed smell like red currants and really reminds me of my childhood chore given the ambient garden scents mixed in.  but truly, for those of you who can pick up the predominant tart berry scent, that's exactly what a red currant smells like.  FYI, some stores sell red currant jam, but it's nowhere near as good as my mom's!