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Re: Wen - March Chat 2017

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hi @bebe777  Welcome back and thanks for starting us off.  It's T S month yeah!!!    You sure missed a lot of excitement around here.  If you want an interesting read go over to the suggestion box and r end NicoleWi post.  

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@lrmuffin wrote:

I've been using my stash since fall and waiting for spring!  Just ordered the duo RTM in SOB, because that sold out quickly last year and I love the scent.  Thanks to @HappyDaze, I use that as a body spritz.  It's light on days I don't want to wear perfume.

If they have SHL gallons, I will get one.  I definitely will get some SOB and can't wait to try  the cherry blossom.  Just holding out a little to wait for the deals!


@lrmuffin Smiley Happy I am still loving the SHL RTM as my light scented days and after my workouts - I smell sooo good if I don't say so myself, lol! I plan on picking up more SHL RTM and, of course, a gallon of the CC i hey offer it (I hope hope hope!). I hope the sets/deals come out soon as they are what I am waiting for too. 

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Hi @bebe777! Thank you for starting the March chat thread. Cat Happy


I know I'm probably in the minority but I'm getting some SGGT CC and oil from Chaz's site for sure. From what I've read a lot of people found SGGT too drying on their hair but I've never had that problem.


I'm almost done using up my SOB gallon and have plenty of SOB and SHL oil so I think I'm stocked up for now. Cat Embarassed

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@bebe777- thanks for posting.  I too can't go a day or think about going a day without his Essential 1 vitamin.   I have added this to my regiment since it was introduced previously I was taking his 5 or 6 packet of vitamins and I was ecstatic when he brought this in one pill.

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@bebe777  thx for Andrew's update...I just got the email also, so am so excited for the special...We also never miss a day without them, and many other of his supplements.

I am having oral surgery on Mon., so trying to stay up on everything I can..Lots of antibiotics are sadly flowing thru me, (I hate taking them) but necessary, so hoping Florify can fix that down the road...Smiley Happy

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I ordered a 32 oz. bottle of SGGT and a 4 oz. SGGT oil from Chaz's site. $36 each wasn't a bad deal! Cat Happy

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@quadmimi wrote:

Thanks for the thread @bebe777  It looks like a great Spring ahead for Wen..


The Cherry Bloosom looks just wonderful, & get better each Season..


Hope your doing well and always good to see your name pop up on the Wen Forum..Smiley Happy


@quadmimi, thanks so much and I hope life is treating you well too!! Smiley Happy


-- bebe Smiley Happy

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Hello Wenners and thank you @bebe777 for starting the thread! Hope everyone is doing well.


A couple things I have noticed which are making me feel better about QVC this spring:


1. We had our TSV info in the insider and available for pre-order. I feel strongly that this helps build excitement for the TSV and gives the loyal Wenners a bit of a reward....


2. Spring seasonal price for the 32 oz CC has dropped from the fall and winter price of $58.00....it is back down to $52 and change. 


Good changes in the right direction, I hope things continue to look up. I am looking forward to a great Wen spring! Tomorrow is Easy Does it Day and I will be getting me some SOB! Heart

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I'm here on the east coast exhausted from shoveling.  It's half ice and the snowblower got stuck with slush.   Finished salting so I'm thinking of all the lovely spring scents of wen.

I'm waiting until Chaz is on and stocking up on SHL, and a good amount of SOB.  I'm starting with 1 cherry blossom until I know if I like it.   And I'm getting the TSV because I want the hairspray, can always use a TT CC and the price is crazy.  


Does anyone one know if he is on more than one day?  Of course I am thinking of special dealsHeart

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I finally used one of the seasonal oils as a makeup removed last night and wow it worked nicely. I'd tried the classic oils in the past, but without much success. I'm thinking maybe there's less menthol in the at least some of the seasonal oils. 


I followed up with the 319 BCC and my skin was very happy Smiley Happy


I didn't buy any of the winter seasonal oils, but I may have to change that for the spring!