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Re: WEN When???


nobody asked me, but I'd give the Seasonals, unless she says she'd prefer a different choice.


Classics will do the job, and ANY classic is better than shampoo.

But WEN Classics were formulated for function, not 'best smell' and some people are put off by them.


Most of us love and use 1 or 2 Classic formulas regularly, often only for the first cleanse, depending on specific hair/scalp issues. So if she's already a WEN user she probably has narrowed it down to the one or two classics that are best for her hair.


The rice also tend to be either a resounding yes or no choice. Either a rice formula works very well for your hair, or just doesn't.


I say go with the Seasonals because they've more treatment based ingredients, they provide an aromatherapy experience while in use, and I just feel they're the most versatile choice for both novice or experienced Wenner.


Seasonals can be used alone or mixed (oh, we do mix!!) for both 1st & 2nd cleanse, and smell lovely as the leave-in.


Speaking from hindsight, I wish I'd started with Seasonals.


After using WEN for awhile, most of us have one or two classics, maybe one fav rice, but acquire a whole collection of Seasonals we rotate around.

They perform and smell too good to only have one.


-also, if she feels one of the Seasonals 'stinks', tell her to just put it back on the shelf for six months.

Chaz avoids those synthetic fragrances that always smell the same.


Chaz's formulas have a wonderful way of smelling differently in another season. Really!

Must be the change in dew point, air density, etc.

One of my 'stink's became one of my favorites!




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Re: WEN When???

@Hedge- Well said - you covered everything

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Re: WEN When???

@Hedge  Wow that's some info you provided.  Thank you so much.  I'm going to print your post, re-read it and use it for reference.  Niece said anything but Tea Tree so Seasonal may be a good choice.

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Re: WEN When???

@Coffeedrinker  If you've never tried WEN You might want to gift one of those bottles to yourself Smiley Wink

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Re: WEN When???

I totally agree w/ everything @Hedge said.