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Does anyone know if Chaz will be having a TSV anytime soon?
Thanks for any information!
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if you look at the today's special value forum - nothing is listed for February but maybe in March which also has been friends & family month - 20% off.  but I really don't know for sure. 

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I do wish they'd bring Chaz back more!  He is one of my long time (old-school) QVC favorites!!


It seems like Tweaked has taken over more of the time slots that were previously allocated to Chaz, unfortunately Smiley Sad



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I agree! He is hardly ever on anymore. It does seem to be Tweaked. I always enjoy listening to him. 😔
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I don't know about a TSV.  He doesn't have many of them anymore, and he's not allowed to give us advanced notice of when he's going to be on or what he will be offering anymore either.  (QVC rules.)


He has had several 'hits' on beauty shows lately.  But I don't expect him to have any hour long shows for a while.


Apparently we're not buying enough WEN, ladies!

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Yes hoping for March..Smiley Happy  Our hair award winning Chaz also has an amazing new website & looking forward to the  many  deals  I am sure down the road..(he does have easy pay now)

It is set up beautifully & we are all anxiously awaiting the new eyebrow serum debut!

I will be the first inline as I have had such great results from his botancial hair tonic..Smiley Happy

The styling cream trio was a great deal yesterday..I think the winter ones are still up today.Smiley Happy  Other lines come & go, but Chaz & Wen do not...Smiley Happy my baby fine hair thanks him everyday!

* on a side note, I mix the Bella Indigo in every cleanse, nothing & I mean nothing can compare with the color I get between my root colors!...


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Interesting to see this.  I was thinking the other day that Chaz hasn't been on nearly as much lately. I wonder if as new products come to the Q if oldies get knocked down. Remember when Bare Essentuals was on like every 5 minutes ?  I'm wondering if the same thing is happening with WEN. 

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Hi I just went to chat live and asked about chaz on schedule. Nothing for Feb. I think if a lot of requests go in via chat live it might help. Live chat is on bottom of home screen