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@Suebdoo You're welcome! I try to post new things as soon as I see or hear what he plans to do.


I look forward to seeing his presentation on this product. Looks like a spray, right? 


Right now I am using Andrew Lessman's new sunscreen, Sole, and am very happy with it. But, of course, if Chaz puts something out I always like to try his products.


Perhaps your concerns will be addressed when he presents the product for the first time.  He usually mentions the "why" of ingredients he uses when he says what it is different about his product from the mainstream retail product. 

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@World Traveler wrote:

@yangya Yes, he has been working on it for a long time. I like that it has the Vitamin K, Arnica, etc. in it. 


Last summer during one of my haircut visits, I asked him how the sunscreen was coming along and he said very well, but he was still tweaking it.


I asked about the SPF and he told me 20. I mentioned that there will be people who will think that is not enough, that more is better. So, why did he only make it 20? He said when he talked with the chemists/laboratories who work with SPF, they told him there was no big benefit to going higher than 20. If I remember correctly, they also told him of the downside of going more than 20, that going over 20 can actually do damage to your skin. I don't recall the reason he gave me.  I figured he would do what is best for us. Perhaps you could ask him on periscope sometime. I won't be seeing him soon. 


The sunscreen is a little heavier than the dry oil spray we now have for our hair/face; however, he does not consider it a heavy oil, just not as light as what we use now.


And because it does have the Vitamin K and Arnica, which has done wonders for so many people's skin in the products he uses it (613, 319, etc.), I know that is taking care of so many skin issues that people have.


He does NOT plan to do seasonal sunscreens because of the shortness of each season. But I bet he does a 319 version.

I have also heard that there is no real benefit of going higher than 20 (which is the SPF of what I currently use). 


Can't wait to try!!

I so admire Chaz!!