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Fall scent FVWP

Just started using it from my stash (slow with the seasonals as usual, I am!). I like the scent but I find it a bit strong for a CC.


Think I may stick to using it only in a body product or candle, which I think I should be getting soon on auto!

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Re: Fall scent FVWP

@RipleyGirl - I had a similar experience with FVWP - First, I left the cap off the bottle for about 24 hrs to see if that would lessen the scent, then I mixed it with FGP to tone it down even more.


Good Luck!

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Re: Fall scent FVWP

I don't dislike the FVWP line, don't love it, either.
The RTM & CC are OK for me, but I can't tolerate the oil smell - something in it disagrees with me & overpowers the vanilla & pumpkin scents ... 🤔
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Re: Fall scent FVWP

RipleyGirl, leaving aside the fact that I am allergic to the honey complex in this CC, I found it to be almost unbearable, even in the shower.  The sandalwood in it made my instincts twitch as if something on the house was on fire, it was such a smoky scent.  I actually liked FAS, the second Fall seasonal Chaz introduced, better than FVWP.  I would rank the fall seasonals as follows:






I only use FGP, since FAS is discontinued and the rest have a honey ingredient, but based on scent alone, FVWP is my least favorite.

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Re: Fall scent FVWP

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More for me!!!  😁


FVWP ties with SCLV for my "best smelling" WEN.


It's especially strong in the mousse, but unfortunately none of the FVWP linger long enough for me.


Agree about the FVWP treatment oil, @sznk .

Wish Chaz would reformulate that one. It's the olive oil in there that ruins the fragrance.


@CamilleP, first time I used MIF, it has such a smoky campfire type smell, I went around the house looking for a smoldering outlet or something. Realized the smell was on top my own head.

Oddly, that's one I put back on the shelf, and a year later I thought it smelled great!!


But the FVWP sandalwood smells like sandalwood to me, not a stroll thru a lumberyard, or smoke.