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I skipped FWP and I didn't have any idea what WRC would be. I was just bored and wanting something new. (I only bought 1 new seasonal last WenYear.)

It is a very different scent. I am loving it and the performance is one of the best formulas for me. 

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I wouldn't really say I was disappointed. The scents weren't what I was expecting but that's okay because there are plenty of other seasonals that I do love. Scent may not be everything but if another seasonal performs just as well and smells better to me I know where to spend my money. Cat Tongue

As for the performance, FVWP is probably one of the most moisturizing seasonals I've used so I'll tolerate the scent since it doesn't really linger in my hair. WRC isn't that moisturizing to me so I'm using up my 16 oz. bottle and then I'll be done with it.

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Re: Disappointed

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@Drythe wrote:



You might test to see if it's the honey by using it as your 2nd cleanse and putting it all the way on hair shaft, work it in well, but avoid your scalp.


Alternating unsung it this way helps me as I have oily, itchy scalp, and dry hair - go figure.


Your mention of the mint made me think of this as my scalp likes it too.




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Yes, I should do as you suggest.  I usually smear the honey seasonals all over my head because I love them so much lol...  


I'm slowly (after spending mucho bucks!) finding what formulas I like best.  And for sure, I think I will stick with the "mints" as far as oil treatments and first cleanse for sure.  My scalp feels so invigorated and healthy.  I love the seasonals for second cleanse but am realizing not one size fits all.  For instance, all I read was glowing reviews of the SHP and how hydrating it was.  Not for me, although that fresh fragrance is amazing.  Not hydrating enough.  I can't buy something just because it smells nice.  So over time I am learning.  And having a blast in the process!!  The seasonal mists on my hair are a no brainer, as well as the 613.  Perfect!   The TT and Fig I love on my face.  


Happy Wenning yourself.  Have a great day! Smiley Happy

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Hedge. Ouch! I don't think I have "unrealistic expectations." What an absolutely RUDE reply from a fellow Wen user.

I have used Wen for many years. I loved that each seasonal smelled so different to me. I cannot help that these two both smell yoo similar and too floral for me. I have every right to feel disappointed.

I do concentrate more on performance. For example, I recently bought the Lavender for the first time ever. I absolutely LOVE how it makes my hair feel. My hair has more bounce and body. I do mix the heavier two recent seasonals to the Lavender and add it to the curly mid-sections of my hair for more moisturizations.

I just miss that each seasonal was so different. That doesn't seem "unrealistic" at all.
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@KweenB...Lavender is one formula I have never tried, but the way you describe it intrigues me. I have wavy/curly hair and have never had a problem with volume, but you mention bounce so I may have to try it!

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@KweenB - Lavendar for me is a definite NO. I have wavy/frizzy hair and that formula was too drying and my hair was more frizzy, lol.

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@riley1 wrote:

@KweenB - Lavendar for me is a definite NO. I have wavy/frizzy hair and that formula was too drying and my hair was more frizzy, lol.


@riley1  I agree. I have fine, wavy hair and LAV was the worst for my hair. No other Wen formula has left my hair that dry and frizzy.

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I havent even tried WRC yet because I am still in love with the performance of FVWP which I finally put down my SHP for. My hair seems to agree with any formula containing honey so I have a feeling WRC will work.

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Yes! I too was very disappointed in the last two seasonals!  They were very perfumey to my nose and migraine inducing. I'm not a fan of sandalwood, patchouli, etc  The fall seasonal was pure sandalwood to my nose and I didn't even try the winter seasonal because of the ingredient list.  Somebody was kind enough to post something about the Winter Cranberry Mint being 50% off on Chaz's site so I stocked up on that instead as I do like that scent and it works well for my curly hair.  Fingers crossed this isn't something he continues with the new formulas, or at least if he does, he keeps the older formulas as well.

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I am not disappointed at all in the new scents. They are wonderful! I enjoy the sandalwood component of the FVWP and the WRC, even though it is not an overwhelming favorite scent, does evoke the smell of a fresh Christmas wreath to my nose. I am very happy with both the scents and performance of both. I guess not everyone is going to love every scent! Think of how hard it must be for Chaz to come up with new scents for the seasonals....takes a huge amount of creativity!